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Actually for EDH this card is decent for any deck running green, or better still running green white & black. The mono green combo is nice with when used with An-Havva Inn, especially with EDH being a very token & creature heavy format. While this doesn't help against General Damage the life gain makes it useful.

In Green Black White EDH, you can just as easily combine in it's combo with An-Havva Inn for the life gain & then follow it up in your second main phase with Heaven's Gate, then Jovial Evil, and or Martyr's Cry. If you're running Green White Black & use this means of removal with an Underworld Dreams assuming you have a Spellbook or similar effect, you can effectively replace your hand while penalizing your opponents after the mass removal. The Heaven's Gate & Martyr's Cry combo wou... (see all)
Posted By: Kyrinoz (6/15/2012 7:07:37 AM)


Play with Wild Defiance and this becomes a Giant Growth that can hit all of your creatures at once.
Posted By: Sasooli (4/15/2013 6:13:33 AM)



Posted By: Kirbster (5/30/2010 3:57:14 PM)


Don't deny the flavor at least..
Posted By: AlphaNumerical (8/11/2009 11:09:05 PM)


Very flavorful, but when is this effect ever really useful? In response to (your own) Perish to annoy lots of people in a multiplayer game?
Sad to think that the classy art would probably never appear on a modern card.
Posted By: M@tttyZ (9/13/2010 10:07:16 AM)


GREAT art. Ability can be useful, and is not an ability that is often in green.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (1/11/2010 10:43:57 AM)


5/5 for art.
Posted By: Catmurderer (8/11/2010 9:39:09 PM)


5/5 for art.

Posted By: Zuty (4/15/2011 7:26:00 AM)


Psst! That's a man baby!

Lol, j/k.... or am i?
Posted By: aznxknightz (10/16/2010 7:46:50 PM)


I swear, there has to be a way to make this extra-powerful in conjunction with Oran-Rief, the Vastwood. The only problem is that you need a way to flicker all your creatures at once, meaning that the mana requirements would be prohibitive...and that's if the omniflicker even EXISTS (Ghostway doesn't qualify). When you get down to it, this was probably interdicted once Gavony Township appeared, anyway (if you're willing to add white, anyway).

Posted By: SkyknightXi (6/3/2012 9:34:29 AM)