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Damping Engine costs less, but it can be avoided with a sacrifice and might end up hitting you. Nice reworking.
Posted By: Ideatog (6/18/2011 6:25:15 AM)


So much fun with this evil card
Posted By: Raezimoto-X (8/18/2011 1:24:40 PM)


I believe I understand this correctly: if your opponent tried to play an artifact creature, the would have to have less artifacts and less creatures than you. Sounds fun.
Posted By: SengirPatriarch (1/31/2010 11:05:09 AM)


Zedruu the Greathearted loves this thang.
Posted By: alzabo (7/15/2011 1:01:38 PM)


You guys realize how insane this card is with the "loner" mechanic in Avacyn Restored?
Posted By: ibanezman88 (6/23/2012 2:38:27 PM)


I'd run this with 4 pithing needles and 4 meddling mages in a deck with ley-lines of anticipation and sanctity. Don't forget lotus petals! Its really aggravating! :D
Posted By: heavyterror (5/26/2011 9:59:17 PM)


I've played against this card, against any swarm deck it pwns, I saw a sliver deck fall to this because the guy using it only ever had 3 creatures in play tops.
Posted By: Wormfang (11/21/2010 12:28:23 PM)


@nammertime: Wrong. Suspend creatures are "played"/cast from exile (not put into play/put on the battlefield), so @CrymsonReign would only be able to play one of the four, and the other 3 would stay in exile permanently.

Posted By: Daerien (4/20/2010 10:54:45 AM)


locks up the game. you can control an opponent with this one card. if you play artifacts, then you'd know that you can keep below 5 mana and lock you opponent into only being able to have 5, meaning that all those 6 cost or more creatures are unavailable to them, the same is true for all the other things.. like if you can get one single powerhouse on the field you can stop them from getting enough little monsters to kill it.
Posted By: BrimandVormay (4/3/2009 11:07:45 AM)


What would happen is I had 5 creatures suspeneded, 4 of them would come into play this turn. Both I and my opponent have one creature out, and my opponent played Ward of Bones? Would 1 creature come out and the rest stay suspended? Would they all just come out?
Posted By: CrymsonReign (9/14/2009 4:57:48 PM)


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