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I like the Flavor text pontificating how paranoid the Kithkin in Shadowmoor are, its too small for the "Protection from 3CMC or greater" to be a big deal.
Posted By: SoulShatterer (6/30/2010 11:11:37 PM)



Emrakul doesn't have Trample.
Posted By: Henrietta (8/2/2011 3:56:59 PM)


More annoying than you might think in EDH, a format where almost everything has a high casting cost. Sure, it probably won't kill you in that format, either, but you'll be surprised just how many of your cards can't do anything to it.
Posted By: Radagast (10/14/2010 9:54:15 AM)


I love this little guy.
A lifelinking, semi-shrouded creature is nothing to laugh at in a good weenie deck. It does the typical weenie thing early game and it stops their fatties in their tracks late game. Not to mention he's a great way to sneak in some damage (and lifegain) if you pump him up.

Almost made my Sigil Captain deck worth playing where he often hit the board as a 3/3. Concerted effort also helps.
Posted By: TPmanW (4/2/2011 8:56:57 PM)


sorry Stoleti but this guy isn't protected from Wrath Of God effects like
Posted By: InHarmsWay- (3/13/2010 10:55:32 AM)


That seems like a really weird 'protection from' ability.

At least the almighty Storm Crow can still take care of this.
Posted By: bhunji42 (11/23/2009 7:14:39 PM)


This lil guy is great, his protection from 3+ cmc might not seem like anything too spetcacular but if you think about it, that probably encompases over 70% of cards printed in Magic. The lifelink is just a nifty bonus. =)
Posted By: yojimbojones (8/17/2009 12:53:02 PM)


Personally, I think this almost perfectly embodies white's philosophy of picking people apart with tiny, efficient creatures. This is tiny, and it gains you a little bit of life while dodging around anything with a CMC of 3 or greater, which like said above is a huge majority of cards in Magic. His only drawback is his low P/T, but that's easily fixed in any deck that works with these kinds of creatures, a few of which are Honor of the Pure, Light From Within, and Glorious Anthem. If you can get a group of these powered up enough, I'm pretty confident that the game will shortly be yours.
Posted By: Zulp (11/23/2009 9:50:00 PM)


Wow, he can't be bounced by a Man-o'-War!
Posted By: nammertime (12/13/2009 10:02:14 AM)


An interesting protection.
It has protection from abilities from sources who have a CMC of 3 or greater.
But not from abilities that cost more than 2, and the source has CMC of 1 or 2
Posted By: psyklone (1/13/2011 8:48:23 PM)


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