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BlueBlueBlue,Tap: Return target land to its owner's hand. That lands controller screams in rage. Again.
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (3/15/2012 5:15:50 AM)


Fragile of course, but other than that... UUU maybe a little expensive? I don't know why this has such a low rating.
Posted By: forumbrowser (6/10/2012 1:42:45 PM)


Less than 3.5 and yet people are raving about Capsize?

I'm guessing people downrating this have either never faced one or don't know how to protect a creature.
Posted By: nibelheim_valesti (6/20/2010 7:40:21 AM)


Time Elemental? Seriously? Temporal Adept has one less toughness and has a more intensive blue mana requirement, but so what? If you're running a heavy combo deck and Temporal Adept is part of it, then you're either an idiot or protecting the Adept and making sure you can cast it! One more toughness might save the Elemental from pinging, but odds are if your opponent has one pinger, they'll have more. Shock kills both the Adept and the Elemental, and it has even been replaced by the more powerful Lightning Bolt!
As for the blue mana requirement, you can either go mono blue, rendering the point moot, or you can shore up your mana base with fetch lands, dual lands, and even artifacts like Darksteel Ingot. It's not that difficult.
Also, don't forget that if your opponent has enchanted something with say, Rancor, the Adept isn't completely helpless to do anything abo... (see all)
Posted By: TDL (11/23/2010 6:18:30 PM)


Very powerful, to gain tempo, to rescue your permanents or to enable some tricky effect, for example with Oblivion Ring.
Recently Flicker effects like Turn to Mist are more common and can be used for the same (or better) effect, in most case...
The problem with this creaure is that it dies even if you only look at him!
Posted By: leomistico (1/4/2011 11:31:15 PM)


same flavor text, different art?
Posted By: Tezz (3/12/2010 6:17:02 AM)


Time Elemental is better. Consider playing it with Ancient Tomb, and Chrome Mox. People used to bounce their Stasis at the end of their own turn so they could untap their own lands, and then play it again. With Temporal Adept, take into account the amount of colored mana you would need to make it useful. Time Elemental splashes way nicelier with Wasteland or Rishadan Port . Honestly... maybe seems strange at first but Temporal Adept is pretty weaksauce and falls prey to the ping too. You can't really attack with Time Elemental.. but who cares. Your win condition could easily be something else like Jace, The Mind Sculptor... Time Elemental should be played with Amnesia for Br00tal games.
Posted By: Hovercraft (9/4/2010 10:00:00 AM)


for repeated any-yes-including-lands-permanent, this is the right cost for Constructed. kind of sad that I think this probably makes it difficult to get good use out of in Limited....but who the crap plays Urza-Limited? the guy that opens Tolarian Academy gets up and leaves, the guy that opens Gaea's Cradle gets up and leaves, the guy that opens Time Spiral goes back in time and takes Gaea's Cradle and Tolarian Academy and leaves, and the guy that opens Memory Jar Mind Sculpts everyone and takes all their cards and leaves :P

ACTUALLY.....now I really want to play Urza Limited! XD with...Phyrexian Negator! :D yeah, it's no Obliterator, but it's still nice. So I compleate the Memory Jar and then all the cards gain a Phyrexian Watermark and planeshift to my binder...

and then THAT GUY (there's always one -_-) Obliterates all the cards, wasting all of the time we've been Studying, Spiraling, Twisting, and generally ''poking and calling it science'' :)
Posted By: DarthParallax (6/16/2012 12:31:47 PM)


@nibelheim_valesti: Capsize is immune to removal (most decks simply have no way of dealing with buyback), and it can be a surprise the first time you use it. That second thing is a big deal -- it can easily be a +1.

Temporal Adapt is never a surprise, so your opponent can play around it.
Posted By: Aquillion (6/18/2013 9:00:04 AM)