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Except Spiketail Hatchling costs 2, and this is only one. Since not many 1st turn Counterspells, but 2 mana is Mana Leak, Counterspell, etc. It's a nice one-drop.
Posted By: Alqatrkapa (3/7/2010 5:02:07 PM)


@All about Spiketail Hatchling: Notice how this guy has much more relevant Tribes?
Posted By: boneclub (5/3/2010 10:51:36 PM)


The new Return to Ravnica Judge's Familiar is easier to cast and flies, but lacks relevant tribes... Don't really know which one is better.
Posted By: Subbak (9/2/2012 1:42:38 AM)


@wraique: you'd have to have a spell on the stack to target before you could even pay the cost (in this case a sac).
Posted By: Master-Crimson (12/27/2010 5:05:42 PM)


Aether Vial?
As an instant or sorcery? You might want to check up on that.
Posted By: Robface (8/29/2011 12:09:09 PM)


guh, guys, forget about lightning bolt

force of will
ad nauseum
dark ritual

etc. etc. there are plenty of early threats you want to delay...

oops about aether vial xD
Posted By: stille_nacht (11/21/2011 5:00:33 PM)


Good way to stall decks running Blightning or Duress.
Posted By: Eltervag (5/6/2010 5:15:33 PM)


efficient and all around better than spiketail hatchling. why would you pay 1 for flying when you can use your open mana for a counterspell?
Posted By: trevathecleva (12/8/2009 9:25:43 PM)


Wonderful card especially early in the game
Posted By: Blue_Blur (6/13/2009 10:05:21 AM)


it's good in Legacy (and better than Hatchling) because it negates a lot of players T1 gameplans which is what Magic is all about: messing with the opponets tempo and mojo. There are basically 2 types of T1 gameplans: the ones that play Kird Ape, 'Wild Nascatl, Goblin Lackery etc. and the ones that play T1 Ponder, Brainstorm, Duress, Entomb, Careful Study, Dark Ritual etc. Cursecatcher stops the latter. There's nothing more annoying than to keep a medicore hand because there is a Ponder in it only to see Cursecatcher hit the table. Hatchling cannot do any of this. It also protects yourself against a T2 Stifle and forces opponents with FoW or Daze in hand to keep mana open in the late game. Consider this scenario; your opponent has a FoW in hand and is on the draw, you play Cursecatcher and on the next turn Mutavault and Stand Still. That's a pretty powerfull play and he cannot do anything about it because of Cursecatcher.
Posted By: blackjackz (5/20/2010 4:46:10 PM)


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