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The most broken counterspell in the game.

Of course 'broken' doesn't mean bad or overpowered, it means format warping. And in every format this card is legal (Specifically Legacy and Vintage), this card warps the format in a very necessary way. Without this single card, both formats would completely collapse, as combo decks reigned supreme. Legacy would be nothing but Belcher decks, Spanish Inquisition decks, and ANT decks. There would be no way of reliably stopping the lightning fast combo decks that can potentially kill on turn 1, before any other powerful counter magic is online. Force of Will alone manages to keep all these completely busted decks in check, and is an invaluable tool for the players with 'fair' decks.

So I rest my case; Force of Will is the most broken counterspell in the game. And for that I'm glad.
Posted By: BongRipper420 (12/9/2013 10:55:54 AM)


Posted By: Demonic_Math_Tutor (6/26/2013 9:54:40 AM)


Okay. I don't play legacy, so go easy on me. In fact I don't even play blue.
Clearly the fact that you can play it for free in an hour of need is awesome. Also, I think this slightly edges it past mana drain since even the threat of a counterspell at (almost) any time will force them to make leaps of faith, or hold too much in reserve.5/5

But aside from this, could somebody explain the art to me? The guy in the picture couldn't look less capable of blue magic.
I see now. the barbarian is not burning when dipping his hands in fire. Still doesn't fit. maybe would've gone better with a red spell that lets you soak up damage like fortune thief?
Posted By: Barry1189 (11/24/2013 1:04:38 PM)


I was starting to feel guitly about the money I spent to get a set of these, but I countererd it. Thanks Force of Will!
Posted By: BreakfastElemental (12/19/2013 4:37:39 PM)


Here is something Foil has over FoW - granted, in a very specific condition, not always doable (insert disclaimer here).

Tamiyo, the Moon Sage's -8 gives you an emblem that gives you unlimited hand size and the ability to return a card to your hand when it would be placed in the graveyard. Unlike Foil, Force of Will makes you exile a permanent (along with the miniscule life loss) to cast it without paying its mana cost. With Foil it's discard an Island and another card - any other card - from your hand. With the emblem, that translates to **POTENTIALLY** infinite counterspells since you discard an island, another card, and then put those two and Foil back in your hand without spending any mana. :D

Posted By: Travelsonic (1/29/2014 11:08:15 AM)


Such a badass card.
Posted By: Goatllama (2/19/2014 7:49:35 PM)


Do not be afraid of hard casting this spell!

If you have spare mana, do not insist on casting FoW with its alt cost. Free-casting is necessary only when situation demands it, not because it's required. Same with Forbid and its buyback cost, or Banefire and its X > 5 phrase.
Posted By: Cyberium (2/22/2014 3:31:11 PM)


One of the single most important cards in any of the Eternal formats (Vintage, Legacy and Classic). This card has been called "the glue" that holds Vintage (aka Type 1) together. Without this card keeping it in check, Combo would run rampant.
Posted By: tempesteye (4/22/2009 9:27:21 PM)


I saw someone hardcast this once in an EDH game.

It was truly a strange moment.
Posted By: TherealphatMatt (11/15/2011 9:09:00 PM)


Style points for hardcasting this.
Posted By: draco_nite (4/5/2011 1:13:00 AM)


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