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Ooh, I just thought. The Proliferate mechanic works well with him. Not anything to build a deck around, just something to mull over.
Posted By: dark_hero (12/23/2010 8:27:12 AM)


Actually, I could see him being very useful today with the Proliferate mechanism. He's the only card I've seen that gets +2/+2 counters; just get him to kill someone, proliferate twice (Contagion Engine), and you've got a brand spankin' new 11/11 flyer.
Posted By: Aburaishi (2/10/2011 7:43:08 PM)


I love this guy.
One of my first Legends, still one of my favourites.
Double old vampire, and a nice little tribal ability (admittedily, vampire wasn't really tribal 'til recently).

And check out that outfit. Now that is what vampire legends should look like.

As it has been noted, his drawback, 8cmc, is really just a suggestion, one very rarely followed, except as a laugh.

I love him, as should everyone (though I think it will take some convincing to get Ihsan to do so...)

Posted By: Sharu (3/16/2012 4:57:16 AM)


"Beast. Defiler. The source of all my pain."

Poor Ihsan's Shade
Posted By: Kikke (9/14/2011 6:33:28 PM)


The crazy speculations on Innistrad before it came out based on a picture on this thread amuse me...

Also, is D00lb old enough to have quit magic more than once?
Posted By: Arachobia (10/29/2011 12:05:58 AM)


Interestingly, they were originally going to make this guy CMC6 (with only +1/+1 counters for kills). That would have made him much more playable at the time and slightly playable even today.

More details here. It's a bit sad how hopeful they were about Homelands -- and how much time they wasted on unimportant things like exactly how it fit into continuity with Antiquities. Another interesting point: They thought that Legends was overpowered, as a set, and deliberately aimed below there because they wanted weaker cards that people would have to be more strategic about using. (Obviously, in retrospect even Legends was underpowered.)

They also wanted to avoid complex cards, which they thought confused players; this would explain why Homelands was so boring.

As a final interesting note, Homelands was originally supposed to come after The Dark and before Fallen Empires. The reason it has almost ... (see all)
Posted By: Aquillion (5/13/2013 12:48:11 PM)


Remember when Magic's biggest villain could reasonably be printed as a creature? And at 5/5?
Posted By: ROBRAM89 (12/28/2010 10:11:23 PM)


Instant 5/5, if only for the history factor. I remember back when it was Classic, not Legacy, and when my friend used his brother's Vampire deck around the time of Invasion and absolutely annihilated me. Ever since, the ol' Baron's had a special place in my heart, even if his power is diminished by modern standards.
Posted By: BlackFlameAshura (7/16/2011 1:00:55 AM)


Comparing these old cars directly with the cards of today is like comparing classic cars with modern cars, the power/cost ratio is simply different, so don't compare them. When taken into account that this is one of the old cards, this one rocks.
...i think ^^
Posted By: Sironos (5/6/2010 9:56:06 AM)


I always thought he was flying... NOW I see the railing.
Posted By: nammertime (4/30/2010 1:39:05 AM)


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