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Gitaxian Proble + Mishra's Bauble + Urza's Bauble + Street Wraith.

We now have 44 card decks.


Posted By: bfugitive (4/28/2011 12:21:04 PM)


Play this card with Yawgmoth's Will
Posted By: Zoroaster85 (9/13/2010 4:01:06 PM)


How is this cards rating so low? It basically gives you a 56 card deck, and if you combine it with Mishra's Bauble then you basically have a 52 card deck. That's good stuff.
Posted By: JanusAurelius (10/28/2010 8:31:16 AM)


not only is it free, you have an artefact entering and leaving play. that counts for something as well
Posted By: Ava_Adore (2/6/2011 9:30:25 PM)


@bfugitive: Manamorphose.
Posted By: Axelle (5/21/2011 9:35:02 AM)


My first thought was making the deck smaller. But then I realized that this and Mishra's Bauble would be ridiculous in affinity.
Posted By: RuscoJames (4/13/2012 9:03:45 AM)


Free card... you get to draw a card... get to see a random card from an opponent's hand. Cards like this help you get to the other cards you want in your deck. This is also a great one to play if you have an affinity deck. Not bad.
Posted By: DJcopydog (7/30/2009 3:38:55 PM)


I like this card for use as worthless bulk. It doesn't do much of anything, but it's free, so it's nearly, at least in the first couple turns, at if it's not there. Like Manamorphose, it reduces the amount of cards in the deck without losing anything.
Posted By: Piechart (7/7/2009 6:36:03 AM)


How the crazy hell does a card that lets you play with a 56 card deck for virtually no cost (you might have to wait a turn, sometimes, which doesn't even matter for instants) get a rating of 3 on here?

This is a 4.5 card at least. Pro players were using 4 of these main deck.
Posted By: Baconradar (9/18/2010 2:04:52 AM)


Not a bad little card, the card draw for free isn't the worst thing you could have in your deck. Keeping it around to see if your opponents one card-in-hand is a counterspell isn't the worst idea either :D
Posted By: Gaussgoat (12/28/2009 11:19:46 AM)


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