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yea when played right, this card is awesome. more so when you save up your hand with lots of lands, and have something in play that limits lands
limited resources comes to mind
Posted By: spoonish (7/26/2009 1:30:30 PM)


To be used with Taniwha.
Posted By: Bouchart (11/13/2009 3:55:16 PM)


((Multiplayer game of 6 people, 7th turn and everyone has 7 lands in play))
((Your turn comes around again))
You: "That's seven mana floating. Armageddon."
Yeah, bad things are bound to happen to you after that.
Posted By: shoalsuser2004 (8/6/2009 6:36:46 PM)


or as an alternative to crucible of worlds, something such as Plow Through Reito. with low cost and land returning effect, it adds a punch to an already powerful blow
Posted By: Kurhan (11/1/2009 12:53:54 AM)


Few magic cards have an effect in real life, but this one has. It makes everyone hate you. Be careful about using it, it could be your last game >;)
Posted By: Sironos (5/11/2010 1:29:47 PM)


Terra Eternal then this??? So you just waste a card... good job! ALL lands are indestructible including your opponent's!
Posted By: DarthKithkin (4/13/2010 9:54:54 AM)


Armageddon is in fact deadlier than Realm Razer, because the latter wouldn't set off a Dingus Egg!
Posted By: niceguygreensboro (8/17/2010 7:48:47 PM)


Its not always a moronic decision to clear the baord of lands; it can be quite useful if the caster has more advantage than any of the other opponents. This card can be a crucial weapon in any white EDH deck, but in other formats I would agree with you Largo68, the game would become a boring standstill.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (7/3/2009 10:48:55 PM)


oh but both of you are wrong, if you have this card in your hand you should be trying to get your hand full of lands while your opponent puts all of his lands in play, after this card is played you ready to bust out lands while your opponent is doomed. :)
Posted By: norbit444 (7/4/2009 9:35:23 PM)


With proper use, this is simply great, especially after crippling your opponent by killing most of their creatures.
With improper use, this will simply make everyone hate you.
Posted By: Weretarrasque (7/25/2009 9:25:02 AM)


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