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This ability is better than Deathtouch in combat, in my opinion. This ability affects all creatures blocking the Basilisk, regardless of how much damage Basilisk does. Deathtouch is superior if you have a way of dealing non-combat damage.
Posted By: ClowWizardEriol (2/4/2010 1:06:43 PM)


This guy was part of the first combo I ever created and I built a deck around this and lure that used to run the table. You could get away with stuff like that back then, heh
Posted By: Laguz (11/8/2009 12:13:54 PM)


Could see play in Doran EDH with all his wall friends backing him.
Posted By: Mirrordin_Pure (8/23/2013 1:27:13 PM)


awww, he's so cute.
Posted By: murdershot21 (8/3/2010 11:26:51 AM)


Not quite death touch, but back in the old days this was as close as you could get. Still a solid card. I like it in EDH.
Posted By: Plantboy81 (10/24/2009 11:13:30 PM)


woot! thorn baslisk!
Posted By: maestroanth (5/9/2009 11:19:41 PM)


May have been good before Engulfing Slagwurm came onto the scene. It's still cheaper, but a 2/4 for 5 is just bad. Turntimber Basilisk at least only costs 3.
Posted By: james2c19v (2/20/2012 4:12:02 PM)


Interesting among the Basilisks in that he is compatible with Valor Made Real in that he doesn't need to deal damage to activate his effect, nor does he have to be attacking.

That being said I'd probably rather run Sylvan Basilisk with Lure because he kills before combat damage is dealt.
Posted By: Arachnos (4/9/2012 3:23:27 PM)


Awww yeah, this guy was the s***! And we all thought the Lure combo was so cool.

Does anyone still play this guy?
Posted By: wideyes (5/17/2013 1:38:20 AM)


@james2c19v This is from Alpha dude. You are comparing creatures from a couple sets ago with a card that is literally over two decades old. This card is very likely close to your age and maybe older.
I would still play him for fun. He is good mid-game anyway and has a fat butt to keep him unboltable. If you are R/G and are loaded up on mana and haste why not plop him and Lure in the same turn and swing away for your alpha strike?
Posted By: Phelplan (2/20/2014 10:18:26 AM)


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