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Use with Lich.
Posted By: Fictionarious (1/1/2010 11:15:15 AM)


It misses the days when life wasn't checked until the end of steps, but Mirror Universe is always going to be a cool card.
Posted By: Kirbster (7/11/2010 10:23:31 PM)


Soul Conduit says hello!
Posted By: Kaizeischi (6/1/2011 12:35:42 PM)


Use with Sanguine Bond
Posted By: Dreampanda (4/7/2011 1:58:49 AM)


I don't think this card's effect was matched in terms of flavor and awesomeness until Mindslaver.
Posted By: Skeptical Mario (8/14/2009 11:04:07 AM)


I love this card. I still use it and love it even though things have been changed in this game that don't allow that oldschool trick where you used City of Brass and this to win. All you had to do was wait until the discard phase of your opponent's turn, then Mana burn yourself to the number of City of Brass in play...

Then, during your turn, you tapped the City of Brass cards, which would put you at 0 life right away, and then you used this card to win.
Posted By: SlackWareWolf (6/27/2009 8:39:41 PM)


Cast Channel, pay 7 life to play Platinum Angel, pay 6 life to play this, then pay 7 life to bring you to 0. Use the mirror during your upkeep for the kill. You could make this combo safer by using Spellskite (keeping 2 life in order to use it's ability).
Posted By: iUseBreakOpen (12/20/2011 3:05:31 PM)


She may not be as powerful as she once was,
but I will always hold her fondly in my heart.

I love *everything* about this card- the name, the art, the effect, and the flavor are all top-notch.

It's still immensely helpful in a mill deck-
I always chuckle to myself when I take damage with this card and a Mana Drainor two in my hand :-D
Posted By: drpvfx (1/27/2012 2:01:16 PM)


So, you just used several Beacon of Immortality and now have over 300 life? I don't think so...
Posted By: Arachnos (9/17/2012 6:59:03 PM)


Shimmer Myr and this during opponent's turn!
Posted By: AshToMoutHound (10/3/2012 9:26:11 AM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!