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Whistling while casting is mandatory.
Posted By: private_vendetta (1/10/2012 1:15:15 AM)


The first thing that crosses my mind when seeing this card is the song by the Scorpions, the second one a deck that punishes card drawing by running Underworld Dreams or Kederekt Parasite for example.

Mind Reflection should also do a nice job with that card.
Posted By: Mode (8/11/2009 9:08:20 AM)


"Everybody satisfied with their hands? Good balance of mana and everything? Okay, mountain, Winds of Change – "
*is killed by other players*
Posted By: Goatllama (10/19/2012 6:57:58 PM)


You're looking for "Thought Reflection".
Posted By: AlphaNumerical (8/19/2009 1:58:35 AM)


goes with Cerebral Vortex
Posted By: BonniePrinceCharlie (4/2/2011 7:54:46 AM)


Obviously you get the shaft in the general case. You spent the mana, and you are down a card right before this resolves. You get the use of the new hand first, which very much fits red's short term gain plan.
That is not to say that this card is always bad. It also turns your opponent's hand of useful cards into a hand of 40% mana sources. With spiteful visions out card advantage goes out the window. There are too many cards for it to matter, and the fewer you have in hand, the less damage you take.
Posted By: kiseki (10/13/2011 12:47:33 PM)


Player 1: Umm I like to take a mulligan.
Player 2: We have already started the game, sorry.
Player 1: Fine... I cast Winds of Change
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (8/24/2012 7:28:24 AM)


Great for red players who've just exhausted all the burn spells in their hand and need more. For one red mana you can exchange your hand full o' lands for some new cards, which in your average burn deck will probably be half burn spells.
Posted By: yyukichigai (7/20/2011 8:12:51 PM)


great.....a red card that does this....awesome if you viewed the opponents hand or get the feeling by his lack of pokerface his hand may be awesome
Posted By: LivingFoul (1/4/2010 10:00:31 AM)


See also: Psychosis Crawler and Molten Psyche.
Posted By: peaceoutside (8/31/2011 10:47:41 AM)


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