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This would actually be quite good against Wither/Infect decks, if you can make him survive.

Quillspike would also be quite good, if you had a constant resource of -1/-1's.

Plus, legal in pauper. 4.2/5.
Posted By: Pigfish99 (6/19/2011 3:23:29 PM)


Proliferate this.
Posted By: LiXinjian (12/30/2010 3:44:52 PM)


Significantly better without mana burn. Use against those pesky Ichorclaw Myr and other infect creatures. Or use with proliferate, why not both?
Posted By: tcollins (1/17/2011 12:43:28 PM)


so long as i have out just copies of him and at least 2 carnifex demon in my B/G, no creature stays on the field other than these guys. EVER. remove a -1/-1 from Morselhoarder, add 1 {b}. use that to remove a -1/-1 from a Carnifex Demon and put a -1/-1 on everything else. It keeps my Carnifex's at -2/-2 most of the time, but who cares? I have at least 2 4/4 fliers (not that it matters) and a 6/4 mana generator. GG?
Posted By: Megapossum (2/5/2011 8:31:29 PM)


Buried Alive this, Devoted Druid and Necrotic Ooze. Play any Reanimate effect to put the Necrotic Ooze into play, giving you infinite mana that turn. ???. Win.
Posted By: deventio7 (3/29/2011 3:36:24 PM)


It's a 6/4 for 6 that pays you back after being summoned, or mana ramps the turn after.

This is without even considering the massive combo opportunities.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (8/20/2011 2:12:13 PM)


Pentad prism on legs!
Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (9/15/2010 4:30:01 PM)


You may think he is overcosted as a 6/4 for 6. But look closer. Morselhoarder can be a 7/5 with trample, or be a 6/4 with hexproof and haste, or even an 8/6 with pro white and red and whenever you deal combat damage with him your opponent loses life equal to the cards in their hand and you gain life equal to the cards in your hand.
Paying for equip costs or enchantments makes this guy a two for one that can be very, very big.
Posted By: Ulixes_Pyr (7/5/2012 9:04:09 AM)


Wow, this is nuts for a common, could easly have costed another mana or have only 1 -1/-1 counter. 5/5 Stars
Posted By: Hunter06 (11/23/2012 12:28:26 PM)


Contagion Clasp
Posted By: MattLynn (4/4/2013 3:45:43 AM)


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