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No, novasun, no. It doesn't get destroyed when you fail to pay the cu.mulative upkeep, it gets sacrificed. Nice try, though.
Posted By: SolidSoldier (10/20/2010 11:19:43 PM)


Silly rabbit, you are for Trix!
Posted By: Gelzo (8/20/2011 9:20:34 AM)


sanguine bond
Posted By: monkeymonk42 (5/26/2012 2:59:31 AM)


Put it into play, gain 20 life

Donate it, losing 20 life becomes opponent's problem =D
Posted By: Arachnos (9/8/2012 3:14:23 PM)


Combo with Puca's Mischief and Venser, the Sojourner.
Posted By: Artscrafter (2/14/2011 2:31:55 PM)


This card was considered completely worthless when it first came out; the fact that a single combo raises it to five stars tells you just how good that combo is. Then again, any card that has "lose 20 life" printed on it is probably going to have a use for it found eventually.
Posted By: Aquillion (2/22/2013 3:02:52 PM)


This is what happens when you print the number 20 on a card. Someone will find a way to break it. I'm looking at you, too, Dark Depths and Vampire Hexmage.
Posted By: ScissorsLizard (6/1/2013 6:06:38 PM)


Trix used to be THE combo, but it hasn't been able to cut it Legacy for the past decade.

It's just to costly and to risky. It's risky because if your opponent destroys Illusions while the life gain trigger is on the stack, the life loss trigger will resolve first and kill you. If you play both pieces on the same turn, it costs a whopping 7 mana. If you play Illusions and wait a turn to play Donate, then you have to pay the 2 mana upkeep cost. You end up paying 4 mana one turn and 5 mana next turn.

But if you insist on trying to make it work, here are some cards that I've found to be helpful.
Sapphire Medallion (Lowers the cost of the combo by 2 mana.)
Sunscape Familiar (Lowers the cost of the combo by 2 mana.)
Quicken (Donate Illusions while the first upkeep is on the stack - only costs 4 mana instead of 5)
Posted By: iUseBreakOpen (1/27/2014 1:10:23 PM)


"well it looks like Bazaar Trader found a good purpose in life."

Look at Bazaar Trader again; it cannot give away enchantments. I have to wonder if this was a conscious decision influenced at all by this card.
Posted By: scumbling1 (3/13/2011 9:34:28 AM)


Posted By: rsimpson182 (11/19/2009 10:52:33 AM)


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