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Before there was Warren Instigator, before there was Goblin Lackey... there was this guy.

He was actually instrumental in teaching me about why it's important to look at CMC of cards. I put him into goblin decks thinking he would be absolutely amazing, but most of the time I ended up finding that by the time I cast him, I didn't have many goblins left in my hand anyway - I had played them all on earlier turns! He really only excelled when I was able to cheat him into play with a Lackey... and, well, I already had a Lackey in play, so the Wizard was playing a "win more" role.

Still, not relying on forcing combat damage through makes him stand alone in doing what he does, so I am quite fond of him. As others have pointed out, too, the pro-white is a nice bonus. My goblins used to run afoul of Tundra Wolves and White Knights all the ... (see all)
Posted By: Leshrac_Nightwalker (10/10/2010 11:01:28 AM)


I'm not sure why competitive goblin decks with Æther Vial do not play this as well. To me seems totally worth spending like $5 on one. I would assuredly play 1 copy in any goblin deck and toss out almost anything else in it's place. Many people seem to be playing multiple copies of Goblin Sharpshooter or Siege-Gang Commander . Playing this with a Goblin Warchief in play is nuts. Being able to have mana open and playing a commander at no cost then counter your friend's Swords To Plowshares seems very playable to me...
Posted By: Hovercraft (5/8/2010 11:27:48 AM)


This thing is also useful for playing a Shrieking Mogg during your opponents turn right before their attack.
Posted By: SirMalkin (5/21/2011 11:17:27 PM)


The pro-white is what makes this worthwhile, IMO.
Legacy Goblins already has 8 cards that let you drop goblins for free, which only cost 1.
Posted By: tom_hero (6/14/2010 6:43:01 PM)


Umm... Broken?
I can only imagine how sick this card is if you manage to cheat it onto the battlefield with Goblin Lackey or Warren Instigator
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (2/11/2010 10:04:49 AM)


I like Mogg Catcher better, three CMC any gobbo in your library.

This guy does allow for the interesting possibility of a turn five Siege-Gang Commander into Skirk Fire Marshal. That could be really awesome in a Hidetsugu's Second Rite deck.
Posted By: Taudisban (7/27/2013 1:52:55 PM)


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