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The comes into play ability doesn't target, so it can copy a creature with shroud using its first ability. However, the change-during-upkeep ability DOES target, so it can't use its second ability to copy a shroud creature. Understand?

This card is why I fell in love with magic. I was the only one in my circle that had one.
Posted By: Laguz (12/15/2009 10:47:45 PM)


There's a reason this creature is a prime target of removal. It IS the great equalizer.
Posted By: Plantboy81 (10/2/2009 11:11:59 PM)



The enters the battlefield effect doesn't target and last time I checked protection only prevented damage and targeting!! Read the card divine_exodus!
Posted By: blurrymadness (1/1/2011 1:08:42 PM)


The Doppelganger is not a targeting when it comes into play, only on your upkeep it targets.


9/16/2007: Although Vesuvan Doppelganger's triggered ability is targeted, its "as enters the battlefield" ability is not.

So yes you can cast it to have a "protection from Everything" guy too!
Posted By: Pontiac (3/24/2011 3:03:00 PM)


Its "enters the battlefield" ability is identical to Clone but for the extra U in the casting cost, you get the ability to recopy each upkeep anything that it can legally target. No mana costs like Sakashima the Impostor or Vesuvan Shapeshifter. Fabulous card, never got enough credit for being so cool.
Posted By: markarmor (3/29/2011 11:45:43 PM)


it cant copy a creature on the field with shroud if it is already on the field, but if you play it after the shroud, it will be able to copy the shrouded guy (check the rulings if you dont believe me)

but yes, this is the best creature, maybe even better then the best
Posted By: Dingo777 (11/26/2009 8:23:42 PM)


Ahh. Such a beautiful artwork on such a great card...
Posted By: Demage (1/10/2010 12:37:35 AM)


Nnnnoooo! It's on the reserved list! I wants me some moar dopples!
Posted By: Wraique (2/23/2010 4:22:44 PM)


This is my favorate blue card, i like better than counterspell. Great art of one of the best, mister Quinton Hoover. I made a deck with four Dopples and four Clones. It couldn´t do s**t, but man... it was really funny!
Posted By: SavooToan (7/27/2010 12:56:33 PM)


Yes, if you use it to copy Emrakul as you cast it you will get the extra turn, but it will die with the original immediately after it hits the battlefield, so you are better off using a Clone for that purpose( 4 mana is better than 5, and the Vesuvi is far too flexible to be wasted like that).
Posted By: RampMage (9/12/2010 11:59:12 AM)


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