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Strictly worse than Elite Cat Warrior. But, I guess that makes sense. Since they're elite.
Posted By: InternetNinjacy (4/5/2011 4:21:28 PM)


Cat warriors never made it tribally, even thou Mirri tried. Sad to see those graceful felinoids gone.
Posted By: tavaritz (9/20/2011 8:45:25 AM)


Why hello there, Mirri.
Posted By: http404error (3/21/2011 9:56:25 AM)


Swampwalk is the easiest one to build around, Weretarrasque. Urborg, Tomb to Yawgmoth, anyone?
Posted By: Selez (11/3/2009 6:59:52 PM)


Jedit Ojanen's pals here don't do much for me. Landwalk is a pretty mediocre ability, unless comboed. But since green is popular, forestwalk is the second most useful, after islandwalk.

@Selez: I stand corrected. Got to remember Urborg!
Posted By: Weretarrasque (6/18/2010 12:30:54 AM)


Not strictly better than Elite Cat Warrior.
If your Elite Cat Warrior is enchanted with Pillory of the Sleepless, and you've got a Shock on your hand, there is still nothing you can do about the one life of loss at the beginning of your upkeep.
But if this were to be enchanted, you can shock the hell outta it.
Of course you wouldn't, though. These are too cute.
Also, Primalcrux disapproves those "Elite" cat warriors.
Posted By: Superfrasse (10/19/2011 10:45:07 AM)


Well, not strictlic woerse than elite warrior. Think about:
- someone stealing them, and you have only a shock, then you could kill these but not the elite version
- someone casting phtisis on them
- someone stealing cards from your library and has to be play them, then these are more difficult to cast
Posted By: majinara (3/3/2013 1:32:48 AM)


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