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4.5/5 for the art
Posted By: Qoid (2/12/2011 7:42:12 PM)


I'd like to see more of Mr. Ferguson's are in Magic today.
Posted By: Polychromatic (4/19/2011 10:25:06 AM)


In the right situation he can be very devastating...however he comes on board a bit too late...
Posted By: Guest57443454 (11/29/2009 8:56:48 PM)


A few things I would like to clear up:

"Isn't this a real guy? Something I heard in my history course about him and the hanging gardens..."
Yes, Though the hanging garden's are hardly his greatest achievement. (On the right track though, good job)
What really made him worth note is that he built a massive empire.

"Nebuchadnezzar is the name of an ***yrian king 0.0"
No. Nebuchadnezzar is a Babylonian King. In fact, it was his father Nabopolassar who freed Babylon from the Assyrians.

At any rate, he is mentioned in the Bible. (Book of Danial, chapter one, verse one)
He exiled the Jews from Jerusalem for not paying him tribute, that's why he's in there.

Now, for the actual mechanics: You don't have to combo him for him to be useful. At worst, you know everything in your opponent's hand the first time you use the ability. At Best, you opponent never gets anything they want.
Posted By: Zoah (7/16/2010 3:59:49 AM)


All these Legends legends with Richard Kane-Ferguson art remind me why he is and will always be my favorite artist. Recall from 5th edition is probably the most gorgeous art in Magic history.
Posted By: Missile_Penguin (8/9/2011 12:33:10 PM)


@darkcider: Actually, it says "name a card," not a card type. You couldn't pick "goblin," but you could pick, say, "Mogg Fanatic." You also couldn't say "land," but you could say "Mountain."

This thing is has so much flavor for a Legend from Legends. It's enough for me to excuse the ability, which is only average, but interesting. 3/5!
Posted By: Weretarrasque (10/20/2009 7:08:06 AM)


Interviewer: "Hey Nebuchadnezzar, tell us, which is your favorite companion?"
Nebuchadnezzar: "Oh, there are many, but I love capsize. Like I capsize someones platinum angel and then mock them saying things like 'uuuhm... ah... I think I choose... what might it be... platinum angel? What, really? Man I am lucky, ain't I!' Ha ha ha!"
Posted By: majinara (3/2/2010 3:45:13 AM)


combos well with Glasses of Urza
Posted By: LeMaK (12/12/2009 10:30:26 AM)


Isn't this a real guy? Something I heard in my history course about him and the hanging gardens...
Posted By: CatsAreCthala (2/4/2010 8:10:38 PM)


Nebuchadnezzar is the name of an assyrian king 0.0
Posted By: daemonfrog (5/2/2010 10:35:27 AM)


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