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Um? What? Does anybody not get the flavor of this card, at all? She's a lady; she's a giant; she's a helpless damsel; she's 5/5.
Posted By: Roy1138 (7/5/2010 7:35:02 AM)


Well, it is a Legends Legend, so you can't expect much.
Posted By: jugglingguy (11/27/2009 3:15:50 PM)


A 5/5 legendary creature for 6. Probably wasn't that bad back in the day.
Posted By: Gear61 (2/6/2010 11:49:18 AM)


The reason why the Lady of the Mountain is 5/5 is because she was supposed to be based on an epic-level D&D character.
Read the article here: http://www.wizards.com/magic/magazine/Article.aspx?x=mtgcom/arcana/47

Unfortunately, her Magic incarnation was far weaker than her D&D counterpart. Nowadays, the better benchmarks for D&D->Magic conversion would be Solar->Akroma or Pit Fiend->Lord of the Pit. D&D monsters of trans-epic power would be about 6/6 to 7/7 in the Magic scale. Most dragons fall into 5/5 (adult Dragons in D&D), whereas legendary dragons like the Elder Dragons, the Primevals, or Karrthus would be Great Wyrm dragons.
Posted By: Okuu-chan (1/3/2012 7:17:33 PM)


sigh...Another Legends card people, move along.
Posted By: McThor (4/27/2010 7:51:43 PM)


well....hmmmm...nice flavor text.
Posted By: immelmann (4/9/2011 10:19:37 AM)


"Hey, Betty!"
Posted By: WilloftheLisp (6/14/2011 5:08:06 PM)


very vanilla and over-costed
Posted By: eliteDecoy (7/30/2009 1:51:41 PM)


She is supposed to look more like this: :P

25th-Level Epic Fighter, 26th-Level Sorcerer, 20th-Level Epic Spellsword

STR 22(+6) (+4 Belt of the Worldly)
DEX 28(+9) (+6 boots of swiftness)
CON 27(+8) (+4 Belt of the Worldly)
INT 19(+4)
WIS 21(+5)
CHA 20(+5)

Basically, in MTG terms, if a 1/1 is an average human creature and 10 is average DnD STR, but a 10/10 is impressive for a Magic creature and 20 is powerful for DnD, then we should subtract 10 from STR and from CON, leaving us with a 12/17 creature.

A 12/17 that also has basically "Protection from Everything, Flash, Flying, Double Strike, First Strike, Trample, Haste, Flying, Reach, Deathtouch, Lifelink, Vigilance, Shroud, Shadow, is Indestructible, can't be countered, and 'when you cast Lady of the Mountain, counter target spell' and 'when Lady of the Mountain enters the battlefield, put an X/X Pseudodragon Familiar token into play, where X is Lady of the Mountain's toughness', and 'when Lady of the Mountain dies, destroy all... (see all)
Posted By: DarthParallax (3/11/2013 1:27:29 PM)


Rather depressing, even for its time. Could have used some sort of ability, like so many Legends. Really odd art, flavor, and creature type (Giant?)
Posted By: Radagast (11/3/2011 2:02:42 PM)


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