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hallowed ground might be okay with this...
Posted By: bhunji42 (10/14/2009 10:17:38 AM)


Card does not count towards Emeria, the sky ruin, thus it's out of my deck.
Posted By: Mikolash (11/8/2009 8:53:49 PM)


this a great card for many strategies I'm using 4 of in 2 different decks almost always buys me the time I need to take over control of a game

easily a 4 star for use 5 for art
Posted By: Raveknight (11/2/2009 6:11:28 PM)


Not bad; there are a couple of combos you could run with it in Zendikar. If you like blue/white:

Living Tsunami

Posted By: Gaussgoat (1/13/2010 9:03:39 AM)


its kinda good with azusa, lost but seeking. play 1, gain 2, play this, lay 2 more, gain 4. 6 life in one turn!
Posted By: Ae00111 (1/23/2010 10:46:18 AM)


An interesting thought experiment. How much life would make this better than a basic plains. Not two, I think we can agree. Would three be too much?
Posted By: ZEvilMustache (2/28/2010 7:57:21 PM)


I love using this card in my land spam/ giant creature deck, and I have lots of other cards that can pull this back to my hand, Such as Grull Turf. My friends get really peeved when I do that over and over and over, which is what I usually do.
Posted By: Brex123 (3/8/2010 3:16:38 PM)


I now have two copies of this replacing Plains in my Zur's Weirding deck. It's a lock with any Moonfolk, though Floodbringer is my favorite. Very nice as a backup lock and even if I don't use that lock it's still free life.
Posted By: Orim-s_Thunder (5/19/2010 11:18:22 AM)


Plains is better.
Posted By: Crabotage (6/8/2010 1:17:16 PM)


@ZEvilMustache I think three would have been fine, making it a Healing Salve stapled to a Plains. It would be interesting to see how much it'd be used at four, and how the metagame would change.

As is, yeah, compared to something like Halimar Depths, I wouldn't play this.
Posted By: yesnomu (6/8/2010 6:13:15 PM)


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