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Guy: Aw... what a cute little kitty.
Steppe Lynx: Meow.
Guy: Come here. (Pets the kitty).
Steppe Lynx: Meow.
Guy: (Feels drop of rain). Aw its raining in this Misty Rainforest.
Steppe Lynx: RAWR! (Attacks the guy for 4)
Posted By: JFM2796 (9/4/2011 7:50:25 PM)


Meow. This guy is awesome. Too bad I never had one. I prefer Elite Vanguard, but is Elite Vanguard adorable? No!
Posted By: SleetFox (3/19/2010 5:31:37 PM)


It looks like a 0/1. That's why Wizards screwed up and actually printed a 4/5 for W. (Recall that replacing a basic with a fetch is basically a no-cost; you could play 12 fetchlands (4 each of R/W, R/U, B/W), 5 Mountains and 5 Plains and your manabase would work out perfectly.)

It looks like a 0/1. That's why everyone calls powercreep on Leatherback Baloth and doesn't give a second look at the one card that really dominates Standard - at least the aggro portion of Standard. Something that the Baloth could only dream of.
Posted By: Gabriel422 (2/19/2011 5:21:32 PM)


This and Plated Geopede work huge wonders.
Posted By: SorianSadaskan (7/19/2010 6:32:04 PM)


Part a what I call the poor man's landfall deck

Steppe Lynx (4)
Searing Blaze (4)
Plated Geopede (4)
Zektar Shrine Expedition (4)
Fledgling Griffin (4)
Cosi's Ravager (4)
Adventuring Gear (4)
Explorer's Scope (4)
Nimbus Wings (4)
Walking Atlas (2)
Teramorphic Expanse (4)
Evolving Wilds (4)
Plains (7)
Mountains (7)
Posted By: surewhynot (9/10/2010 10:21:19 PM)


Turn 1 play cat. Turn 2 play Khalni Heart Expedition, attack for 2. Turn 3 drop fetch land (like Arid Mesa), play harrow, drop and equip adventurers gear, blow Khalni attack for 16. Alternatively, you could also drop Adventurers gear on turn 2, and still attack for 16 without Khalni Heart Expedition. There's even more brutal growth if you drop two harrows, with the use of Khalni Heart Expedition. So with Khalni Heart Expeditionon turn 2, turn 3 goes fetch land, harrow, Khalni Heart Expedition, harrow, and you still have 3 mana left to play with a land drop of 8 for the round. Awesome!
Posted By: pdxgeek (10/3/2009 4:44:54 PM)


turn 1: plains, steppe lynx
turn 2: adventuring gear, mountain, equip, attack for 2
turn 3: arid mesa, crack for mountain, searing blaze on whatever creature they played, attack for nine

You just dealt fourteen damage. In three turns. With one creature and an instant.

That's just f*cked up. Where did we go so wrong?
Posted By: allmighty_abacus (10/29/2010 5:25:45 PM)


So, THIS is why we have both Terramorphic Expanse and Evolving Wilds in standard. Hmm.

I like Teetering Peaks.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (3/26/2011 11:53:11 PM)


A seriously great one drop.
Posted By: Hayw00d0909 (4/11/2011 7:40:08 PM)


start out with 2 plains, 3 steppe lynx a misty rainforest and harrow
draw an explore and another fetchland on turn 2 and turn 3
turn 1
steppe lynx
turn 2
2 more steppe lynx, swing for 2
turn 3
play a misty, fetch a forest
play another fetchland, crack that

swing with 3 12/13 lynx on turn 3
Posted By: hatriarch (4/22/2011 5:08:21 AM)