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Just found this card today and really want one for my Elder Dragon Highlander deck. Its very hard for most colors to recall enchantments over and over again...outside of White and Green.
Posted By: kitsunewarlock (2/26/2010 5:35:12 PM)


i like the artwork more than that from eight edition, bud aside from that, this card is highly overcosted.
Posted By: Mode (2/3/2009 6:34:46 AM)


I could see this being used in a multiplayer deck, although there are always better ways to get enchantments back.
Posted By: Lord_Ascapelion (2/13/2010 2:40:18 PM)


The activation cost is brutal... I guess it could be useful in a deck that really hinged on a couple of enchantments for a winning combo or what not...
Posted By: Gaussgoat (12/28/2009 9:52:29 AM)


Its very pricey to use but there are ways to make it cheaper to activate. Not to be overlooked.
Posted By: Silverware (8/27/2009 6:19:14 PM)


One of the 1st repeatable grave-diggers.
I played this card exclusively for years, never failed me.

The activation cost is brutal now, but very playable for it's time. Being able top pick up a used enchantment was a major benefit, considering you had the likes of Spirit Link, Gossamer Chains, Animate Artifact, Creature Bond, Mystic Remora, etc. in the Classical Era.

Enchanments being so removable, this was the only answer and heaven, for Enchantress decks.

5/5 fior it's past use.
Posted By: Psychrates (4/18/2012 9:04:35 AM)


Enchantments are one of the things you just don't typically need to recur. They tend to sit on the battlefield and do their job.
Things like Seal of Primordium or Seal of Fire ask to be recurred, but this thing is still quite costy.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (4/9/2012 11:43:33 PM)


Best use of the word 'Bring'?
Posted By: eisbrecher03 (2/11/2012 11:39:18 PM)


Kind of limited in use, but there are a few cards this combos pretty well with (Second Chance especially).
Posted By: Technetium (4/23/2013 7:33:19 PM)


Back in the day, this card was particularly fun with Dance of Many, since there were few ways to bring back creatures reliably (and this would let you repeatedly produce token copies for things like sacrifices.)

Nowadays there's better ways to do that, of course.
Posted By: Aquillion (5/6/2013 4:54:33 PM)