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I love his awkward counters.
Posted By: kitsunewarlock (2/26/2010 5:06:00 PM)


Interesting card, great flavor, and is one of the first cards to truly conceive of your graveyard as a real resource, like we conceive of it today...
Posted By: Guest57443454 (5/26/2010 10:35:15 PM)


I see dr_draco skipped Dr. Frankenstein's lectures on what's likely to stay in a graveyard for later use. Use your noggin boy, before igor comes knocking on your door. Remember, fresh brains are higher in value than used brains. I did attend the lecture.
Posted By: XTwistedsoulX (6/1/2010 12:00:01 AM)


@LungCancer: Because it's not a zombie. It's a (well, THE) monster. Zombies are shambling, meaty undead, really just animated corpses. This is a living creature made of stitched-together pieces.

Also, at this point in the game's history, they didn't make an effort to group things into tribes. The only tribes that existed were specifically synergistic by design, like the 8 goblins who had a goblin king, or the 2(!) zombies who had a zombie master. Everything else went out its way to have a unique creature type (like "summon Uncle Istvan") to avoid accidental tribal synergy.
Posted By: longwinded (11/14/2010 4:33:53 PM)


Oh wow. You get three different kinds of counters. That means you can proliferate them all and give him +3/+3 each time.

Edit: Waaaaiiitt... no you can't. Holy crap, I've built two decks around proliferate and I still forgot how it worked.
Posted By: MisterAction (7/17/2011 7:07:55 PM)


Overall not that playable, but awesome flavor and a quite creepy artwork.
I prefer Sutured Ghoul though, that one might even got inspired by that card.
Posted By: Mode (11/15/2009 4:07:28 AM)


Lots of text for a tricky to use card. In retrospect, I bet they regret giving it such nutty counter options, too. That said, great artwork on a card that was one of the first to use the graveyard as a resource. Also, this fella could get huge if things worked out right and it lacked any silly drawback, unlike most large black creatures, once it got into play.
Posted By: Radagast (11/4/2011 8:21:11 PM)


Now that Oracle has deemed FM a Zombie.. Riddle me this! Would Rooftop Storm + this = a decent combo with finisher potential?? Provided you have enough guys in the Yard, of course.. Of course, you could always use Sutured Ghoul I suppose and it's probably for the best, but still, Riddle me if only for the lulz!
Posted By: Mike-C (6/13/2012 2:08:43 PM)


Up until Tree of Redemption, this was the only dude that could naturally enter the battlefield as a 0/13 creature.
Posted By: Salient (3/23/2013 3:33:33 PM)


How many cards now are based on classic books or any outside sources?

Great flavor from a great time in Magic.
Posted By: gcilley (2/5/2010 8:47:03 AM)