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This is a great card that unfortunately became a lot less useful once people started playing Wall of Omens and Overgrown Battlement.
Posted By: achilleselbow (8/10/2010 7:56:17 PM)


Everyone loves suicide charges!!!
Seriously, this is tenn times better than the card it's based on. It can rip apart the ranks of your opponents before they can be built up.
Posted By: TheTraitorKing (5/20/2010 5:17:24 AM)


Quite the brutal card early in the game. It's almost guaranteed to be either a two-for-one card advantage or an efficient burn spell. Or both.

Later on you might have some trouble, but it's not exactly useless there either.
Posted By: SleetFox (5/16/2010 3:57:03 PM)


A fine creature, so long as you can keep the field clear; without Ball Lightning's six power, this needs a little backup. Thankfully, you're playing the color of Lightning Bolt. Blam blam!
Posted By: jstorrie (5/26/2010 3:19:36 PM)


This + Sarkhan the Mad = 2 5/5 flying Dragons and 6 damage for 2RedRed.
Posted By: Axelle (4/12/2011 5:47:45 PM)


Has perfect synergy in my Pandemonium and Confusion in the Ranks deck, delivering dmg, trading for an opponent's creature, and then neatly disappearing, only to do the same again for just two more mana. Of course, Ball Lightning is just one more mana, but I don't have the money to drop for a set of those :P
Posted By: Ritius (1/7/2010 5:37:56 PM)


One word: Amazing. Especially in RDW.
Posted By: MagicWhiz (8/19/2009 2:34:49 PM)


it's main trouble is how useless it is if the opponent has big creatures, say turns 5, 6. Thanks to earthquake, rdw can boardwipe and unearth ftw.
Posted By: Grimn777 (9/1/2009 12:10:32 PM)


An amazingly ridiculous card. I have used this card many times and have found it particularly useful durin the beginning of the game. By mid-game the hellspark still maintains some amount of potential, if utilized with exalted effects of pump cards such as Colossal Might. By late game however, hellspark loses its spark. Its not entirely useless near the end of the game, but a 3/1 with hast really can't do to mush of anything. Then again, most red decks never last long anyway (the red strategy is to win fast, or not at all), and most small creatures are never that useful when you topdeck them on turn six or seven.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (6/15/2009 4:38:12 PM)


This is fantastic! Works very well in red suicide, despite costing 2, it helps when red just falls flat when your cards are gone.
Posted By: ohmu (2/6/2009 10:34:35 PM)


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