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What a great card, though! In a multiplayer game, odds are that his presence on the board will make mass removal a far less appealing option for "that player", if you've got a "that player" in your playgroup. The coolest thing is that he does this for a one-time 2Red investment, and he's easy to acquire (as a common) if you want to give him a shot.

4.0. He is more than meets the eye, as far as I'm concerned.
Posted By: Leshrac_Nightwalker (12/20/2010 8:55:09 AM)


Playing Tokens?

The Anti-Board-Wipe Iguanar.
Posted By: FiveEight (6/4/2011 11:59:04 PM)


2 Hissing Iguanar in play, 5 goblins in play (mostly from Dragon Fodder) and then you play Voracious Dragon and sacrifice 5 goblins. Voila. 20 damage :D
Posted By: Puff (7/1/2009 3:12:37 PM)


Fits perfects in a burn-control strategy. You burn creatures so your guys can get through. This guy tursn all of that burn into damage to the face at the same time as well, while being a meaty 3 to the face on the attack. He also trades with most 2 and 3 drops while dishing out some damage.

My R/B deck will have to try this guy out. He's also not useless when hit by pacifism and such.
Posted By: blurrymadness (7/15/2013 9:39:15 AM)


Puff had it right. Only devouring the 5 goblins would cause the Iguanars to do 10 damage (1 per creature per iguanar), then the dragon would do 10 damage because of its enter play effect.

That's actually kinda mean.
Posted By: CodeZX (12/6/2009 8:05:56 PM)


What you said was a little confusing but I'll try to uncover what you meant. If you had the two goblins and iguanars and then devoured with the mycoloth, here's what would happen: if you only devoured the two goblins, it would be four damage; if you devoured the two goblins and on iguanar it would be 5 damage; if you devoured all four creatures, it would be 6 damage. You only have one opportunity to sac so those would be your options. make sense?
Posted By: machtung7 (3/30/2009 9:20:25 AM)


Snake Umbra.
That's all that needs to be said.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (5/28/2010 1:41:13 PM)


My friend has a couple of these in one of his decks. It's a red-green saproling deck whose whole point is to sacrifice its own creatures (saprolings) to: get mana for huge Disintegrates, pump up his own creatures, and to use them as food for his huge devourers. It's pretty decent and always kills you out of nowhere.

Hissing Iguanar is a great assassin card. 4.5
Posted By: Beekhead (3/29/2010 1:22:22 AM)


Blood Artist is cheaper with lifegain, this guy has more power, and can remove planeswalkers.
Posted By: the_unthinkable (2/11/2014 2:17:18 AM)


@kittyspit, when you devour something, everything hits the graveyard at the same time. therefore, if i wrath of god (which kills everything in the same manner) with you having two iguanars and my two leaden myr, i would take a total of 6 damage (three due to one iguanar, three due to the other) because it all happens simultaniusly. the only real way to stop the damage is to stop the activated ability and then kill it.

@codezx- yes, yes it does. ive been hit by it. i still feel charred.
Posted By: tolarian_prodegy (3/25/2010 6:33:14 AM)


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