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I can't wait till Cathars' Crusade can start wreaking havoc with this guy.

Produce X Saprolings , and it gains X +1 /+1 counters, so it makes 2 X Saprolings next turn. Repeat. Can anyone say exponential growth?
Posted By: PD2525 (4/20/2012 9:48:07 PM)


ICEFANG13: yes, it doesn't take all that much thought to play, but neither do the titans. This is just a smarter version of those. They just sit there and go " haha. I be smarticle! I can play a 6 cost and just sit back and watch u try and answer it and if u dont i crush you and if you do i just play my next one" with Mycoloth there's a risk just like every great threat of having it taken away very easily, and it doesnt bounce back quite as easily because you've already lost you sacing pool from playing him. You have to get timing right and know ur opponents deck, so at least it takes some skill.

Also its great to play them off each others saps the next turn. look i have huge threats that make WAVES of saprolings and most likely the last one will be automatically usable for a mayael's aria win, although you probably wont need that at all, just simply attack.
Posted By: Willieskyeyes (12/31/2011 3:07:10 AM)


Chord of Calling this guy out on your opponent's end step (thereby forcing an instant speed response, if any exists), devour the creatures that you tapped for the Chord, and maybe keep one green mana up for Vines of Vastwood insurance. Win.
Posted By: Selez (7/2/2011 4:49:38 PM)


Not that he needs anything else, but this guy + Ghave (plus of course Sporoloth and Sporesower, if you wish) is just reckless! Just pump the mana into putting more counters on him, and you're rewarded next turn with more saprolings. I'm a big fungus-lover, but this guy gets out more saps than all my thallids combined.
Posted By: Corey_bayoudragonfly (9/6/2011 3:01:57 PM)


this card is amazing with Soul Warden and Cradle of Vitality

Double the amount of counters each turn for 2 mana.

And of course if you are using Rhys the Redeemed and Door of Destinies with it, you will have an unstopable token army.
Posted By: languill (9/25/2011 9:34:12 AM)


Hmm... Seems to me most of these combos are unlikely. In a Bant color deck, however, I'd like to see this with Venser, the Sojourner. Using the blink, you could just double his counters each turn. Of course, you would need a creature to sac in the first place.
Posted By: 1qazxsw (11/9/2011 4:27:59 PM)


Strength of the Tajuru, Soul's Might, and other cards like them basically make this guy the best.

don't forget doubling season as well. just remember, feed him before giving him stat altering cards.
Posted By: Pigfish99 (5/16/2012 3:55:49 PM)


Followed Footsteps for hilarious snowball effects. As long as you had a single +1 counter on the original, it will only spiral out of control within a couple turns.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (3/12/2012 7:36:53 PM)


Some of these comments are good examples of why it's important not to just look at the best-case scenario when evaluating a card. Simply put, who cares what this card does with four Doubling Seasons? That situation will basically never happen.

Nor is this a Verdant Force, since to get any token generation going, you must sacrifice at least one creature. It is certainly possible - not even that difficult - to design a deck where this is relatively painless, but it is still a different dynamic than Verdant Force, which is all upside.

Still, there is no question that this card can be overwhelming if not dealt with quickly and decisively.
Posted By: jeff-heikkinen (5/4/2009 4:10:50 PM)


In a regular game, I have at least five Saprolings out already before this guy drops. Sac them all, he's a 14/14 making ten tokens a turn. Even one turn later, I can usually swing for the win with an Overrun or an Echoing courage.
Posted By: The_Amaster (5/16/2009 12:28:10 PM)


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