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When all the land is in ruins

And burnination has forsaken the countryside

Only one guy will remain

My money's on

Posted By: Kezia (10/23/2011 10:15:19 AM)


I used to worship dragons. Now they follow my commands. Your argument is invalid.
Posted By: DarthParallax (6/2/2012 7:55:35 PM)


Bolas sure does pick the coolest henchmen. A guy with a metal arm and dreads and a viking who can transform into a dragon? And if you have an enemy, might as well make it a lion man.

As for Sarkhan the awesome here, he's just brilliant. Works so horribly, horribly well with Domri Rade too. Really hope he's coming back for a third round soon.
Posted By: psychichobo (4/27/2013 5:14:31 PM)


As a player who mains a Red/Green aggro deck and love him his Dragons, this guy is a godsend. Not only is he a great card, but he is also straight up awesome as a person.
Posted By: TheWallinator74 (10/26/2011 2:02:31 PM)


Sarkhan was a man, no wait he was a Dragon man!
Posted By: Gruul_Treefolk (11/22/2008 2:27:58 PM)


From what people seem to be saying, this is the most underrated Planeswalker. Consider this - in a format without Wrath of God, how is your opponent going to realistically deal with FIVE 4/4 flyers, should you get the ability off? Short answer: they're not. And it only has to go unscathed for TWO of your opponent's turns. That's FAR more practical than pulling Elspeth's ultimate. The point is: it won't always happen, but it most certainly CAN.

What actually makes it playable though in a R/G aggro is the second ability. Just the fact that if they don't kill him, you can do it TWICE with only a mana investment of 4. The first ability probably IS one of the weaker +1 abilities among the Planeswalkers, but it's far from useless in the R/G aggro build that this guy should ALWAYS be present in.
Posted By: ChaoticNature (7/19/2009 2:41:50 AM)


Hands down THE coolest planeswalker, especially flavor-wise. I mean, all he wants is to find the biggest, baddest dragon out there, so he can WORSHIP it.
Posted By: FreakyM (2/4/2009 12:00:34 AM)


If you're playing Legacy/Extended versions of Boros, Jund, or any decks with red in it and you still haven't used this card, then you're truly missing something.
Posted By: HPS (3/13/2011 4:21:31 PM)


Certainly a good card for any aggro deck, but certainly not worth the $30 price tag people seem to be throwing on it. I'd rather trade for Tezzeret or Elspeth.
Posted By: green_yawgmoth (11/11/2008 7:15:07 PM)


This card relies heavily on creatures, there are other specialty planeswalkers but this one relies a deck to be built around him. He is good but I just feel like he doesn't have the versatility of the others.
Posted By: psychguy (6/3/2009 7:40:29 PM)