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She's in my R/B discard deck... I dont usually wind up playing her, but if the game goes on that long, I definitely need her...
Posted By: Mr.Floppy (5/24/2010 10:07:58 PM)


Thornbite Staff, just like every other creature that may tap itself, anyway
Posted By: Fagulheiro (8/27/2011 12:11:00 PM)


This is a more efficient vampire, imo, because she doesn't have to rely on smaller creatures blocking her.
Posted By: Dalek9 (6/22/2009 10:19:06 PM)


Well they finally solved that nagging problem of Sengir Vampire's triggered effect almost never happening. Then they had to go and ruin it by for some reason forcing you to play Red along with it. Yes, I know, it was Alara, they had to, but this card would have been much better as a Black-only affair in another set.
Posted By: Weary_PSI (10/14/2010 1:22:16 AM)


its better in jund because jund is more token oriented then grixis

give her unscythe, killer of kings and a blade of the bloodchief makes her huge
Posted By: darkfury (10/1/2009 7:37:56 PM)


Ironically, This card works better in a Jund deck than a Grixis deck. Still, all around good card.
Posted By: Owls_and_More_Owls (8/21/2009 4:19:13 PM)


"Fight" damage happens simultaneously, but Vein Drinker deals damage before the target creature. So, for example, if you enchant Vein Drinker with Phyresis, she'll deal damage in the form of 4 -1/-1 counters, and then the target creature will deal damage equal to its power minus 4.

Anyway...this card. I like to imagine that she's Olivia's rebellious teenage daughter.
Posted By: CuriousThing (11/25/2011 11:48:08 AM)


You need to feed her on weak creatures in order to get her useful, but she's sweet. And rad.
Posted By: Elysiume (6/10/2009 8:41:12 AM)


Atm I casually play with a monoblack vampire deck, and would certainly consider putting her in it - I'd even be willing to put in some Dragonskull Summits and fetchlands in order to use her ability. It's almost like Blade of the Bloodchief was made for her (or Kalitas, of course - but Kalitas' ability isn't dependent on power, and as a token maker he's one you might want to hold back). I can see it now...

Turn 6: Vein Drinker
Turn 7: Blade of the Bloodchief equipped, then start going to town on all creatures capable of blocking your vamps (or getting past your defenses)

Having said that, once she gets beyond 4/4 she's going to become a target for spot removal - but I'd have her take a terminate over a Nocturnus any day of the week!
Posted By: JaxsonBateman (11/2/2009 4:03:35 PM)


They'll probably errata the first the ability to "R, tap: Vein Drinker fights target creature." when they release Innistrad. Cool card.
Posted By: Attract (9/17/2011 11:55:38 AM)