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Extremely useful once you get enough mana to activate the ability. Waiting a few turns is well worth the payoff in a deck loaded with Doubling Season and stuff like Rith, the Awakener or simply dropping beasts like Kalonian Behemoth or Vorosh, the Hunter.
She deserves an alternate artwork reprint.
Posted By: KingRusty (2/1/2012 10:33:49 AM)


Say what you will, I think she's absolutely amazing. I like to think of her as a Quicksilver Amulet from the deck. I mean, at worst, you pull a Wolly Thoctar which in Naya can be done on turn 2. But it gets so much better, you can flash in Primeval Titan, Sun Titan, Akroma, Angel of Wrath, Wurmcoil Engine, or even an Eldrazi Titan. Sure it's not broken in any competitive scene, but if you turn your deck into a toolbox for her to poke through, it's devastating.
Posted By: WarioMan (3/12/2012 9:58:23 PM)


Let's put it this way: you don't run her in a typical 60 card deck. You run her as an EDH general, and topload the deck with the best Naya colored fatties that the game has, as well as some sweet tech to push her over the top. My most recent five player game saw me putting Mayael, a Seedborn Muse, and a Rings of Brighthearth on the field and flipping over 8 fatties before it was my turn again. 5/5 just for Timmy EDH hilarity.
Posted By: Spags (4/2/2012 7:18:53 PM)


Mayel is one fun general. Her and Scroll Rack helps a lot in making sure you hit one of your 20+ odd targets. As for non-singleton, there are better ways to get stuff out than her.
Posted By: l0k13 (10/22/2010 12:28:09 AM)


A common problem that I've noticed about green-based creature decks is that they tend to run out of cards with a field full of land. If you don't want to splash blue for card drawing, Mayael can do something about this. If you have an empty hand but spare mana, her ability is an excellent contingency plan. Chances are that if you're playing a deck that's designed to support Naya, you're going to find a card 5 cards into your deck that has power 5 or greater. Mayael doesn't strike me as an offensive card, she seems to be a defensive tool to use when you've run out of resources in the late game. Because of that, she gets a 4/5 from me.
Posted By: Zulp (4/10/2010 12:12:13 PM)


Haunting artwork. Those non-eye eyes are chilling.
Posted By: Salient (8/27/2011 10:55:19 AM)


Oh Mayael.
My love/hate relationship with you pains me so.

The fact that this card won't do anything for a turn or two given a second or third turn summoning irks me so much.
I really would've liked it better if she herself costed more and had a lower costed activation.

Ah well. An EDH deck with her at the center will always be a fun thing.
Posted By: HairlessThoctar (3/6/2010 9:33:21 PM)


Mayael is a decent card, though her ability makes her very situational, requiring a deck mainly composed of 5+ creatures to even begin to get use out of her. As for her status as a mythic rare, I think she could do much better if her stats were slightly altered. A 2/3 is too easy to kill, falling prey to cards like Resounding Thunder and Agony Warp, and the differences in her play cost and ability cost means that she has more time to be vulnerable before you can actually pull off her tricks. I think she could do much better as a 2/4, or even a 1/4, as you're very likely to want to keep her around rather than attack with her, and a 4 toughness is sturdy enough to block with as well as tough enough to stave off death from a number of sources. Alas, she's a mere 2/3 with an ability that could make even the toughest player cringe if it happens to land on a huge beastie, provided she survives long enough to begin digging through the library. A must ... (see all)
Posted By: Oleander (3/2/2009 10:52:44 PM)


I have just started making a naya commander deck with her as general. I haven't found any seriously crazy neverending combos but in multiplayer if something like quest for renewal untapping her during each players upkeep she can be very dangerous.

there are several alternatives since you can only have one quest for renewal in a commander deck (normally anyways) but some let everyone untap their stuff. I actually like this fact just because it seems to fit the color philosophies of mayael.

Green says don't try to control others.
Just let nature take its course
on top of its opposition
in a loud grunty rythmic fashion

I also like that she seems to be a big fan of group hug cards, like awakening or Keeper of Progenitus
Posted By: CerealBoxOfDoom (7/24/2011 10:23:28 PM)


I just want to ask something :
Is There ANY combo with her?
Can i put all creatures with power 5 or greater or only 1?
I use mayael becose i can in 5th turn put progenitus but i got to have luck
Posted By: WitcherRage (5/30/2009 9:11:31 AM)


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