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I like this card, its a real powerful effect, and even helps you at a standstill. But it still pales in comparison to Godsire and the Prince, I'd say it ties the Overlord.

Posted By: VoidedNote (3/3/2010 7:40:25 PM)


i keep a few sanctum gargoyles, master transmuter, and the sovereign, and I just pulled a magewright's stone
Posted By: EvilCleavage (3/5/2010 8:17:00 PM)


i won a game because of its healing effect
Posted By: GengilOrbios (5/13/2010 3:05:28 AM)


Helm of the Ghastlord won't work with this things ability. HotG needs to deal damage to do anything, this just makes the players lose life.
Posted By: mn6334 (7/25/2010 10:53:02 PM)


works well in the archenemy deck
Posted By: NoFace22 (5/1/2011 7:24:05 PM)


This is meant to be cheated out with Master Transmuter forget the Herald.
Posted By: RowanKeltizar (5/30/2011 1:56:45 PM)


I like the mechanics of this card:
"If they're attacking with it, they're probably wanting the opponent dead faster.
If it's remaining untapped and blocking, they're probably needing a little bit of a life boost."
Posted By: infernox10 (3/28/2012 8:33:27 AM)


8 mana is not overcosted. This is not legendary.

Just think how wrong this would be if you cheated more than 1 in play or managed to Rite of Replication it?
Posted By: dberry02 (5/13/2012 5:58:32 PM)


Some kind of toothless zombie snake?
Posted By: Totema (4/17/2012 12:03:57 PM)


Just want to clear up real fast that this is a female sphinx as well as a very useful card to clone/replicate. My work here is done...
Posted By: Dragasm (8/13/2012 12:54:28 AM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!