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Spitebellows seems far superior in every conceivable way.
Posted By: Vinifera7 (7/28/2009 7:36:51 PM)


Uhg...I want to like this card but i can't. 5 CMC 4 power dude isnt bad with a playable ability, but when you have to sac your dude at sorcery speed, no matter the effect its just underwhelming. This guy could have sacced for 10 damage to a creature and still only have been moderately playable. Not the worst ever, but not great by any means
Posted By: Shoe2 (11/14/2008 1:01:36 PM)


I found a use for it in a draft when there was a shortage of creature removal, but there are much better cards to use in a constructed format.
Posted By: Plantboy81 (9/14/2009 2:26:10 AM)


there is no players of this card yet....come on be the first
Posted By: Iiory (8/29/2009 12:33:52 AM)


Worthless. Thats all this card is. And thats all that I have to say about it.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (5/16/2009 11:43:07 AM)


Elementals born of Jund are as cruel and unuseable as the plane itself.
Posted By: FragNutMK1 (3/22/2010 1:18:52 AM)


two words, totem armor
Posted By: Sir_Kaeru (5/22/2010 2:03:51 AM)


strictly worse than Bogardan Firefiend
Posted By: supershawn (6/29/2010 1:43:26 AM)


It's a disappointment that they wasted such a cool art on this. He only needed a little push to not be crap, like saccing at instant speed, or having the choice to target players, or 1 CMC less, or having haste, or...list goes on. I wanted so bad for him to be good.
Posted By: FogRaider (10/9/2009 12:13:49 AM)


He's not bad, but Spitebellows is better.
Posted By: littlebeast (12/16/2009 8:41:30 AM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!