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My favourite play with this card was when my opponent cast Jace, the Mind Sculptor (neither of us had creatures out), and I killed Jace on my next turn by cycling and unearthing Viscera Dragger.
Posted By: Chamale (1/29/2011 11:35:41 PM)


Hard played, this card is trash. 3/3 for 4 is pretty worthless, but the beauty of this card is it's a place holder - For every one of these cards you run, it's only purpose is to be cycled into the graveyard. . . Where it sits until you need some extra offense. 3/3 for a turn for 2? Sounds pretty good to me. 6/3 lifelink trample for a turn for 5, provided you have a loxodon warhammer? Tremendous staying power, and a force that the opponent has a tendency to neglect.
Posted By: TheNoblefool (6/18/2009 3:31:13 AM)


Cycling and Unearth, you gotta love that combination on a single card.
Posted By: Mode (7/31/2009 6:11:08 PM)


Awesome card, might as well be 3 damage on turn 3 and draw a card!
Posted By: febbstalicious42 (11/16/2008 7:59:13 AM)


While several people have already discussed the merits of his cycling and unearth synergy, it is also important that his cycling ability is 2 and not 1Black or Black. It is useful if you don't have the colored mana to cycle an architect, and you still get to unearth him later.
Posted By: Kenji18 (10/13/2009 11:12:04 AM)


this guy and Grixis Slavedriver are what started my unearth deck
cycle then unearth with cemetery reaper on the field? nice :D
Posted By: kittyspit (10/26/2009 12:54:29 PM)


cycling and unearth...i know... you can over look it easy
Posted By: OutlawD1 (9/1/2009 7:28:44 PM)


This is a killer card. Struggling early on with mana? Hit this baby boy up the cycle. And when the opponent least expects it, this bad boy comes back with a punch for just 2 mana.
Posted By: Panpl (10/10/2009 10:53:25 AM)


only somewhat useful in draft now that conflux and alara reborn are out...there are just so many better 4-drops and cyclers. heck, this could be a 2 star card
Posted By: B1indFremen (5/13/2009 10:46:33 PM)


Great card for a zombie deck. You can just cycle it which buffs cards like soulless one, then get it back later with an aphetto dredging or gravedigger. And worst comes to worst, you can always unearth it for an attack.
Posted By: Velex (2/12/2010 2:35:12 PM)