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It's hard to look at this little guy now without getting excited that Wizards is announcing something new.
Posted By: ratchet1215 (2/22/2011 3:31:02 PM)


My favorite flavor text amongst the heralds.
Posted By: Mekh (7/19/2010 2:42:15 PM)


I love this card, I've consistently gotten a Hellkite Overlord on turn three or four in casual play. While I wouldn't win any tournaments with my {B}{R}{G} goblin deck built around this, it sure is fun to play. Dragon's Herald is terrible when considering card advantage, but man, Hellkite Overlord is such an awesome dragon, getting him out is totally worth sacrificing a bunch of little creatures. At least his mana cost isn't excessive, a red 1 drop 1/1 creature with an ability is always great.
Posted By: Chrome_Coyote (9/24/2010 2:13:42 PM)


The most tolerable of the Herald cycle because Hellkite Overlord smashes face immediately and for at least 8, but still a pain in the butt to pull from a booster. See my de***ion of Angel's Herald if you want to knwo how i really feel.
Posted By: Shoe2 (11/19/2008 2:10:41 PM)


Has anyone tried using this in a Jund aggro deck with Goblin Chieftain and Jund Hackblade?
Posted By: wz55 (7/16/2009 6:41:17 PM)


ok I got a couple of these and a hellkite and these r incredibly useful. you just need him and a sprouting thrinax, goblin for red, thrinax for black, then a saproling for green
Posted By: Gezus82 (12/14/2009 6:09:54 PM)


So when do we get Dragon's Maude?
Posted By: Vedalken_Arbiter (10/17/2011 1:14:33 PM)


You can sac a green, black and red creature as any one of the three required, but not all three. You *will* lose three creatures to get Hellkite Overlord out early. Having said that, you can use tokens if you have any out.
Posted By: JaxsonBateman (11/16/2009 3:42:12 AM)


Oh hell yeah! Now I really start to think about EDH built around Vaevictis Asmadi...
Posted By: Neutralion (2/4/2010 8:00:34 AM)


At least it's a 1/1 goblin for R. This alone doesn't make this terrible. I think the ability is a neat little casual trick that you can pull off to bring out an awesome dragon. I like it. 3/5
Posted By: dberry02 (11/8/2010 11:16:23 PM)


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