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this card is brutal. it locks down fetch-lands and cards like harrow, and it makes path to exile even more brutal, if that was possible
Posted By: Gezus82 (11/29/2009 3:02:40 PM)


I haven't tested it, but this card might prove very useful against boros bushwacker decks. Cards it screws up: all your fetch lands, ranger of eos, steppe lynx, plated geopede. That's a good chunk of their deck and aggro strategy. The problem? Getting it out in time for it to matter. If this is a 1 drop, it would be devastating.
Posted By: Nickkom (12/2/2009 9:14:10 PM)


I feel like this could have potential in UW control as a sb card against GR Valakut Ramp. Chances are you can get it out before they can play Primeval Titan, and given that besides the titan the deck is pretty much the same as it used to be (when it got smashed by Tectonic Edge and Ruinblaster) having one card that can shut down their primary win condition would be awesome.

But then, Leyline of Sanctity can do the job well too, and also works against RDW. Decisions decisions.
Posted By: JaxsonBateman (7/26/2010 8:15:55 AM)


IF it were a 1cc drop, it'd break Zendikar.
Posted By: RyanFisher (12/20/2009 11:01:13 PM)


I can't tell if jaylabs was kidding or not... I really hope he was...
Posted By: OpenSeasonNoobs (3/5/2010 5:12:47 AM)


Why is this rated so low? If you mix this with Maralen of the Mornsong, you have some major lock down, and with Augury Adept out, you'll still be drawing.
Posted By: shoalsuser2004 (7/20/2009 12:28:20 AM)


With the Zendikar fetch lands, this card may gain new life. This may become a must have sideboard card.
Posted By: Agent1103 (10/3/2009 11:58:22 PM)


Maralen of the Mornsong

That is all.
Posted By: Sixty3Zero (9/14/2010 10:51:22 AM)


How is this card POSSIBLY not a 5?!?! For 3 mana you lock down virtually every modern fetch/tutor effect, and it is an artifact with Esper colors to boot. Holy smokes.

Posted By: Gaussgoat (4/29/2010 8:07:22 AM)


megrimage is right, if your opponent wants to lose one life, they still can. Darn. That lowers the rating by 9001 points, from a 9005 to a 4/5. Obviously screws fetchlands, and really any other landfall strategy. I like it, although it's a lot of mana for a sort of random effect that may never change the game. It's sideboard, not maindeck.
Posted By: channelblaze (6/22/2010 9:57:53 AM)


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