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I love this card! It absolutely beats on people, and gets stronger every turn. The color combo works wonderfully in aggro decks, where this just becomes another threat.

Try hitting it with Soul's Might to watch things get ridiculous very quickly.

Posted By: Gaussgoat (7/16/2010 6:51:48 AM)


@Arglypuff Yes, this card can be eligible for the Vastwood's effect. As you stated, the object's characteristics are checked upon resolution so a blue creature that is turned green is eligible. Likewise, this card has it's type and color changed (which are both characteristics of the card) and so is no different than your example.
As per rule 109.3 (emphasis added):
An object’s characteristics are name, mana cost, color, card type, subtype, supertype, expansion symbol, rules text, abilities, power, toughness, loyalty, hand modifier, and life modifier. Objects can have some or all of these characteristics. Any other information about an object isn’t a
characteristic. For example, characteristics don’t include whether a permanent is tapped, a spell’s
target, an object’s owner or controller, what an Aura enchants, and so on.
Posted By: VonD (1/29/2011 3:24:11 PM)


One little known fact about this card is that if you activate it twice in one turn, (Pay 8 mana instead of 4) you get TWO +1/+1 counters when it attacks. A great card for most RG decks, as it works as both passable mana fixing and a potential source to dump your mana into when you run out of cards.
Posted By: Shiny_Espeon (2/6/2012 2:20:00 PM)


@Arglypuff read the ruling on Oran-Rief. It would put the counter on. The counter ability checks the eligibility of the card upon resolution, not when it entered the battle field.
Posted By: ChampionofSquee (7/18/2010 1:43:50 PM)


I believe the equipment falls off when it turns back.

Personal i seen this in action and it is pretty good. Of course you can't just turn and only attack with it. Attack with a bunch of 6/6's, 7/7's, 8/8's and this and you opponents won't mesh with this till it is to late. While it isn't the best I wouldn't say it sucks.
Posted By: caesar1994 (3/7/2010 6:24:38 PM)


ok i take it back its a pretty good card,it pops in and out and is good as a secondary attacker when
you have something bigger that oppennents have to worry about ,while it gets bigger and bigger.

Posted By: hhfgd (3/12/2010 12:02:15 AM)


Yeah, heenaheena, a land has no problem having +1/+1 counters. See Llanowar Reborn to confirm.
Posted By: phildiddy (1/29/2010 9:21:41 PM)


@reaper: you can only use Oran-rief on it when you play it, THEN turn it into a creature in the same turn ("becomes" is different from "coming into play") but it would be pretty much useless since it wouldn't be able to attack
Posted By: klauth (2/15/2010 7:10:06 PM)


It will see a fair amount of play because it's strong and produces mana for Jund, but it's boltable!! I prefer Stirring Wildwood: more cheap and not boltable, also if it doesn't block the best creature with flying... but why is it supposed to do so? Bloodbraid Elves, Sprouting Thrynax, and so on... all left the Wildwood unscated. And it's a fine attacker too!
Posted By: TheHappyReaper (2/21/2010 7:12:56 AM)


yes my land has +1/+1 counters on it, what of it?
Posted By: ajpinton (2/4/2010 6:49:32 PM)


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