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Liquimetal Coating
Form of the Dragon
Ivory Mask
Bazaar Trader

Make sure there's no creatures out. Sunscour or Wrath of God

Not the easiest or cheapest combo in the world.
Posted By: Blue_mana (4/9/2012 3:26:54 AM)


That's definitely balefire, Rand.
Posted By: ZeroCube100 (12/1/2012 10:13:25 AM)


Red: I can gain life and have Moat now.
White: No, you can't. The rules say...
Red: **** you, I'm a dragon.
Posted By: bay_falconer (6/19/2012 2:51:49 PM)


Hello, Platinum Emperion. You came by just in time.
Posted By: 1stofsevensteps (10/8/2010 12:13:28 PM)


My vote for the most flavorful card in magic. You turn into a dragon for chrissakes! Wizards should print a cycle of these.
Posted By: MrPink343 (10/28/2009 2:19:57 PM)


Mountain -> Rite of Flame -> Exile Simian Spirit Guide -> Seething Song -> Pyretic Ritual -> Desperate Ritual -> Form of the Dragon as early as turn 1.

My signature deck does that. Don't care how easily I'll die to Lava Axe, Demystify, Cancel, or any of a multitude of cards. 'Cause to me, winning without setting the countryside alight with your very breath isn't really winning.
Posted By: Figgin_of_Dragons (10/30/2011 10:39:52 PM)


one of the most flavorful cards around
now with one of the most appropriate and well drawn art to go with
Posted By: OutlawD1 (8/30/2009 2:16:44 PM)


Posted By: Continue (1/18/2013 6:00:36 PM)


Kind of an expensive combo, but this will make you near invincible, but the cards on the field are still vulnerable...

Form of the Dragon
Imperial Mask
Blazing Archon

plus maybe some Paradox Haze's...you know, just for fun.
Posted By: Szyx (3/7/2010 12:02:16 AM)


@ The Swarm:

Gravity Well won't help. When those creatures are declared as attackers, they still have flying. Therefore, declaring them as attackers against you is legal. The fact that they lose flying afterwards doesn't remove them from combat. Now, if you used Thundercloud Elemental's second ability during your opponent's beginning of combat step, yes, his creatures wouldn't be able to attack.
Posted By: Falgorn (1/15/2011 4:39:45 AM)


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