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he is a "bear" in disguise ;)
Posted By: iSlapTrees (5/25/2011 2:35:25 PM)


in an ally deck, this guy is a must, (him and ondu cleric), early starter the turns into a ridiculous monster hopefully by your 5th turn, with a bunch of allies to help him along, seascape aerialist or Kabira Evangel then allows you to finish the job.
Posted By: Mattmedia (10/10/2009 8:49:00 PM)


@sorxores: that makes all the difference in the world. have you heard of a little thing called limited?
Posted By: metalevolence (10/30/2009 2:30:59 AM)


the ruling states: This ability triggers on this creature entering the battlefield, so it will enter the battlefield with its unmodified power and toughness, and then receive a +1/+1 counter a short time later. It does not enter the battlefield with the +1/+1 counter already on it.

My questions are: is this a 2/2 once it's on the battlefield, buffing itself? Or will another copy of it or another Ally buff it the +1/+1 counter?
Posted By: Jhaden_Undead_Hunter (7/25/2011 12:28:18 PM)


I run four in my Ally deck. This guy gets so big so fast.
Posted By: JFM2796 (8/1/2011 11:03:38 AM)


This common ally can be more powerful than most rare allies. He CAN be thrown into an elf deck even though he isn't one. He boosts turntimber ranger significantly. In an ally deck he's solid, but used to help other allies in other themed decks I personally believe he is better.
Posted By: EvilCleavage (4/5/2010 2:14:07 PM)


Good, basic ally card. 3.5/5
Posted By: Gaussgoat (1/21/2010 6:38:33 AM)


A generic fighter with an unbelievably strong ability. These allies are super aggressive. Maybe better than slivers...
Posted By: ZEvilMustache (9/26/2009 9:56:13 AM)


Ugh, in a Two-Headed Giant game my partner brought a {UG} Allies deck. Between the two of our opponents, there was enough spot removal and bounce to hit these guys like a can of Raid. Which left it up to me to pressure the opposition with the terrifying force that is 2 Neurok Commandos. My mana leaks were dead by the time the guy across from me was dropping Sheoldreds and Consecrated Sphinxes. It was awful! Anyway. . . if you're gonna be in a 2hg, don't be Allies. Be Slivers and ranch them, be an absurd amount of tokens deck, be a loaded control deck, or be Valakut. Otherwise I'll end up being your partner with a Neurok burn deck and it will turn into an embarrassing flame war that I'll eventually write about in the comments section of some card on the Gatherer.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (9/10/2011 11:07:26 PM)


generic fighter
Posted By: sliverlord5000 (9/25/2009 7:00:18 PM)


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