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I'd like to thank Todd Lockwood for this awesome piece of art.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (1/9/2011 8:58:05 AM)


Path to Borked.
This is not better than Swords to Plowshares in most scenarios, however.
Posted By: Keiya (1/12/2011 6:50:11 PM)


I think I would rather have my opponent gain life with swords to plowshares than getting a free land. Often 4, 5 or even 6 life won't make your opponent any harder to beat if you're playing your deck right, whereas extra land may become disastrous for you. This is not to say it's a bad card of course. It's quite excellent, just somewhat more liable to backfire than StP.
Posted By: Bulhakas (11/27/2009 8:35:46 PM)


Gotta say this is a REALLY powerful card. Honestly if I could afford it I would get it, sadly people hold onto it to the point that it actually costs more than the clearly superior Swords to Plowshares.

Either way, White removal does seem to be getting outta hand, with all the monster removal that doesn't even say destroy or doesn't say target, Journey, O Ring, Path, the field wipes to destroy all creatures. This card itself is under-costed and at instant speed with no real counter minus a counter-spell, bounce, or maybe Vines of Vastwood.

Soft counters won't work, this thing is too cheap in mana cost, if they have to pay an extra 1-2 of any color? They'll pay it to remove that creature they don't like. And Blue is getting pwned sadly ): No recent good non-land cards minus new Jace, Treasure Hunt, and Archive trap imo (and you can run archive trap in MONO white with this card O_O). Reprint Disrupt! Blue's answer to all the one drop's for each color. Path, Duress, Lightning Bolt, eer ... (see all)
Posted By: Takuma. (3/18/2010 11:16:24 PM)


Wizards may as well call this card "swords to plowshares #2". I think they want to cement the fact that white is now the removal and control color and blue is taking a backseat, especially with oblivion ring, journey, and wrath of god #2 around, all in standard no less.
Posted By: mdakw576 (3/7/2010 6:45:02 AM)


Soooo lame when i drop a fatty and its gone at the twitch of a Plains.
Guard Duty, Pacifism, Journey to Nowhere, Oust, Day of Judgment.
What the ***, W?
(And Silence, too, is pretty darn annoying)

What's happening? My Timmy sees the light at the end of the tunnel and is turning Spike just to be able to overcome W's new taste for cheap removal.
Posted By: RafiqTheMiststalker (5/8/2010 5:29:49 AM)


Like a good cheap removal card, Path is a double edged sword of goodness. On one hand, you need to decide the appropriate time to kill that creature without giving them the jump in mana (you may, if they're colour or mana screwed, decide that NOT Pathing a creature will help you more). But once you do, that creature is gonezo! They're NOT unearthing (see ya, Shambling Mound!) nor are they persisting (you too, Kitchen Finks!).

Even better, much like Swords to Plowshares, you have the opportunity to use the spell on your own creature in order to move yourself ahead if you are stuck. Unlike with Plow, which can give you enough life to reach the next turn (and hopefully the win), Pathing your own creature can give you that important next mana OR prevent you from being colour screwed (something that is especially important during the Alara block!).

Finally, for us cheap people, it's an uncommon that isn't ridiculously easy to ... (see all)
Posted By: redhaiku (4/5/2009 6:02:56 PM)


Just too good... Black actually has to take a backseat against White's ridiculously powerful removal... when they print Day of Judgment it's not even going to be funny.

Whats ridiculous about this card is that it has no restrictions. It can literally kill anything in the game that doesn't have shroud or protection. Not colour dependent or toughness dependent and it even gets past regenerators and reanimators.
Posted By: Volcre (8/31/2009 5:35:43 AM)


Oh, right, because creature removal was so hard already with unmake, putrefy, terminate, death mark, day of judgement, wrath of god, damnation, final judgement, eradicate..

I have to say, I think they are majorly overdoing it on the removal lately. You can spend 9 mana to put some gigantic creature into play, and 1 mana from your opponent exiles it on the spot. I can say without a shred of insincerity, that you can very easily play creatureless decks these days. Creatures matter less and less especially when cards like this are printed. I wont say I hate it, I would just say theres to much of it for easy mana cost.
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (11/3/2009 5:45:51 PM)


Farewell, Path... I hope they do NOT reprint you, or anything close to you in scars.
Posted By: Rumblin-Slumm (9/21/2010 6:31:36 PM)


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