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Mprime818, I know this is kinda late, but no one else pointed this out... it doesn't necessarily force the one blue mana tap at the upkeep. It can be paid anytime before that, like right after the spell has been cast, meaning the mana would get untapped during the untap phase. I would rather say it now than have confusion while you or others are playing with or against it.

In my humble opinion, the damage is nice and the price is right. I wish it could target creatures, but at least it is player and not only creatures. Those type of spells are only good if they target every creature for a board sweeper.
Posted By: Agent1103 (8/13/2009 3:56:39 PM)


It doesn't belong in burn, it belongs in land destruction. It would be nice to see a cycle like this, a more color specific rhystic mechanic.
Posted By: blindthrall (4/29/2010 6:06:06 PM)


Compare this to Lava Axe, which does 5 for 5 mana. Strategically sideboarding this could give you 6 damage for 4, I like.
Posted By: Richard_Hawk (9/14/2010 10:25:27 PM)


This is a great card to have handy on the sideboard. "Oh, you're using a mono-white deck? Let me just slip this in here..." And you don't even get a raw deal if the other player scrounges up the U to stop the second half of the effect.
Posted By: Tellastrangetale (9/30/2010 3:22:40 PM)


@ JaxsonBateman

they must pay before YOUR next upkeep.
they have their entire turn and the rest of your turn to do so.
safer to just not board in against blue.

...unless you are playingTopsy Turvy.
Posted By: TrazocW (9/1/2011 7:33:51 PM)


I kno it doesnt necesarily force the mana tap but when it is tapped that is one less mana i gotta worry about.
Posted By: Mprime818 (9/10/2009 3:17:11 PM)


I always get hit for 12 damage when my friend Reverberates this or Twincasts this.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (1/17/2011 1:33:23 AM)


Having used this card three times, once catastrophically, I come to tell thee: beware Redirect.
Posted By: Salient (1/11/2012 6:27:50 PM)


Kinda stupid that this doesn't fit in mono red EDH.
Posted By: Bandswithother (11/23/2010 9:30:40 AM)


A good sideboard at worst.
It's 6 player damage for 4 mana. Think Lava axe, except better for everything except blue.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (7/29/2011 11:11:40 PM)


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