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This card is great when you only have one kill spell and your opponent has some big creatures. Also good against devour, as you enchant your opponents best creature and stop them from devouring things.
Posted By: Demonic_Angel13 (9/22/2009 7:11:02 PM)


Brilliant when used in conjunction with a kill spell. Got me out of several tight corners.

Also makes your opponent think twice about attacking, or devouring as mentioned.
And when you got a good ol' Deathgreeter, two life points in one, always useful.
Posted By: Vizaros (2/10/2010 10:05:49 AM)


Get some creatures with deathtouch (preferably fliers like Vampire Nighthawks or Tidehollow Strixes that can't be easily blocked) and this can become a twofer. And unlike Doom Blade or Hideous End, this card doesn't specify a "nonblack" target.

Besides, I'd much rather have an opponent waste counterspells and enchantment destruction effects on this than my Bloodchief Ascension.
Posted By: Musume (3/9/2010 9:52:46 PM)


Good in EDH if you're using Eldrazi Spawn, or creatures you can sacrifice, or have instant creature removal.
Posted By: NocteMundi (6/1/2011 4:51:51 PM)


It's no doom blade, but then again, Doom Blade doesn't work on black creatures.

There's something to be said for delayed effects like this, sometimes you really do need to wait a minute before destroying something. That, and it's fun to watch an opponent waste time and resources trying to save their biggest beater.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (7/29/2011 10:35:31 PM)


You wanna know a really bad yoke? This one!
*Nyuk nyuk nyuk*

In all seriousness though, a handy card. Very useful for black, as it tends to have trouble with other black creatures, but plenty of sacrifice effects.
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (4/19/2012 7:59:43 AM)


for when you must kill something... eventually.
Posted By: ZEvilMustache (1/31/2009 8:35:47 AM)


This card should definitely be coming in handy more with the release of Zendikar, i can see it working well in a pure black deck with Vampire Aristocrat, and Bloodghast. Just enchant one of your opponent's creatures with Yoke and sac Bloodghast to Vampire Aristocrat, then play a land next turn and bring Bloodghast back from the graveyard into play, so it's a neat little nifty card to use for an extra destruction spell in a pure black deck.
Posted By: ShadowVamp (9/12/2009 1:16:45 PM)


Or you could use an actual kill spell? I know, crazy right.

This is terrible. Sure, it can kill black creatures, but still. A straight up kill spell is better most of the time.
Posted By: Elysiume (7/16/2009 6:27:49 PM)


Not necessarily so eventually... think along the lines of Spark Elemental, Hellspark Elemental, or any unearthed creature.
Posted By: Rerepete (2/7/2009 11:29:09 AM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!