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I wish it were an instant, but a 3 damage shot to a creature for one mountain could be a difference maker in a game. Interesting flex option.

Posted By: Gaussgoat (1/7/2010 5:28:40 PM)


If only it was an instant. And costed 1 less. And had you sacrifice a creature instead of a land. Oh, hi there Fiery Conclusion.
Posted By: JoeVector (5/10/2010 8:15:43 PM)


So, compared to Flame Slash, you're paying a land and 2 mana more for an extra 1 damage.

The superior option seems clear.
Posted By: Gelzo (12/18/2010 2:21:27 AM)


If it could burn player it might be worth it but unless you are running some kinda crazy ramp madness deck 1 land seems like to much for 1 creature
Posted By: Slavir (9/28/2009 11:07:35 PM)


1 simple responce to Slavir... Baneslayer Angel, any deck that run's red, and not black, this card almost a must have sideboard card
Posted By: SStopher (9/30/2009 9:36:03 AM)


This card is good in a non-monored deck....Seismic Strike is better.
Posted By: Bottari (2/13/2010 5:57:21 PM)


I keep confusing the artwork with a better burn, searing blaze, so I'm giving it a 1.
Posted By: Londonbrig0 (3/3/2011 6:48:31 PM)


Absolute fail. flame slash anyone?
Posted By: Chaka-K-Rock (8/20/2011 8:38:42 PM)


This card would be absolutely amazing if you can target a player. With some land gain, you'd be dealing 5 damage each turn without worrying being manascrewed.
Posted By: Binaro (11/30/2011 3:46:49 PM)


Should cost {0}
Posted By: twiddleman12 (8/23/2012 7:05:04 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!