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she's really sad because she dropped her bottle of ketchup...
Posted By: Tezz (4/9/2010 4:13:58 PM)


Nice ! an improved Cranial Extraction.
Posted By: True_Smog (11/7/2009 6:42:01 AM)


Both better and worse than Lobotomy. Not a guaranteed card elimination from their hand (unless combined with Duress or another spell that allows you to look first), but it allows you to strip out cards that aren't in their hand and has the potential to deal damage.

Very much a skill card as it requires you to determine the best keys to eliminate from the opponent's deck, but when played well is extremely powerful. Awesome sideboard card.
Posted By: Nighthawk42 (9/23/2009 8:32:08 AM)


Wish I'd put four of them in to play in Two-Headed Giant vs a pair of Relentless Rats decks.
Posted By: djpraiseadelik (11/22/2009 9:38:32 AM)


my gosh... this is the perfect combo-reliant killer if ive ever seen one...
Posted By: spoonish (5/5/2009 1:47:48 PM)


Perfect target for my Vengeful Rebirth in my jund deck. Completely removing cards important for any combo's your opponent is planning on doing is fun.
Posted By: Ellwynd (5/10/2009 5:09:40 PM)


This card's ability to deal damage is propably more relevant than someone, who has not tested it might think. I've finished alot of games by doing 6-9 damage with this by naming a card that I knew would be stuck in my opponent's hand (such as creature removal when I haven't been playing any creatures).

Sure, the cards main function is to disrupt your opponent, but it's ability to also deal the finishing blow puts it alot higher than Cranial Extraction in my books.
Posted By: Sicktoid (7/17/2009 5:57:53 AM)


So I had this pretty cool B/R discard aggro deck going on, except I kept getting killed by all sorts of combos, most of which centered around enchantments, something red and black can't kill. Well a search on here found me this and now I just need to find one that isn't 4 bucks.
Posted By: theelk801 (9/6/2009 6:21:50 PM)


Thought Hemorrhage is an exact copy of Cranial Extraction with two slight differences.

1. It costs one red instead of a colourless mana.
2. It can deal 3 damage for each card you name in their hand.

Thought Hemorrhage is similar to Lobotomy because it has the 'extraction' like effect although both Thought Hemorrhage and Cranial Extraction require the caster to name a card rather than choosing one from the target players hand.

In response to Cenelder, firstly Thought Hemorrhage causes you to look in a players hand, if it didn't your opponent could easily lie. Secondly as you name a card on the resolution of the spell you can 'miss a target' in your opponents hand unlike Lobotomy where the card you name must be in your opponents hand.

I rate this card alot lower than Cranial Extraction because of the addition coloured mana it costs to cast, it also requires two different types of mana which makes it hard to splash unlike Cranial Extraction.
Posted By: Mobenator (5/18/2009 11:43:49 AM)


I like this card b/c you can totally get rid of stuff like Terminate, I have friends that absolutely LOVE to Terminate stuff, also this will permanently kill Progenitus before it even comes out!

Overall, the flexibility of this card is incredible, the only drawback I can think of is that you HAVE TO KNOW THE NAME OF THE CARD, if you forget, well you're stuck!
Posted By: The_Somnambulist (5/22/2009 11:50:05 PM)