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Cool old card.
Posted By: GrimGorgonBC (11/12/2009 6:22:36 PM)


Stop commenting, Ferlord
Posted By: SarcasmElemental (8/31/2012 10:48:19 AM)


Really good sideboard tech. Kills lots of dangerous guys and can even kill Hypnotic Specter before its first swing (excluding people cheesing him out with Dark Ritual).
Posted By: kitsunewarlock (2/26/2010 4:57:54 PM)


A cheap Northern Paladin. Not bad.
Posted By: jumpingjacked (10/12/2009 7:53:38 AM)


Here's a hint: Alpha was released in 1993.
Posted By: ttt3142 (7/29/2011 8:03:09 PM)


Where did you hear that? I checked around out of curiosity, I can't find a reference to it.

Edit: I was being sarcastic, but whatever. :-P
Posted By: OmegaSerris (11/23/2011 12:02:51 PM)


Banned at Grand Prix: London until 1990.
Posted By: WilloftheLisp (6/23/2011 2:17:45 PM)


I looked at Stasis...
I played Pox...
I trip balls when I see Time Walk...

But I have never seen such ugly art on a Magic card until now.

What happened? Did the art department accidentally drop some coffee on the design, and thought, "If any of you think I'M drawing another card, you can all kiss my As$!" and left it?

What's the deal here...
Posted By: Ferlord (4/18/2012 8:36:17 PM)


Posted By: Peaceout734 (10/31/2011 2:40:57 PM)


Run with Sleight of Mind or Mind Bend to hate on non-black decks. Interesting sideboard tech that could take care of those early Juzams and other aggressive black creatures. However, he himself does not have protection from black - still, a playable card from The Dark.
Posted By: Equinox523 (4/9/2013 2:40:29 PM)