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Tempered Steel!
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (10/6/2010 11:28:34 AM)


2/2 at first turn, just drop an Ornithopter or similar card :P
Posted By: Vampire96 (8/20/2010 9:21:34 PM)


Both this and Ardent Recruit are really overachieving in the art department.
Posted By: Hanksingle (11/23/2011 6:43:15 PM)


This is a great 1 drop 2/2 for decks that play artifacts. Works well in legacy affinity or any artifact heavy deck. Just add a few artifact lands (ancient den etc.) and maybe Memnite, Ornithopter, or Mox Opal. He also contributes to affinity, being an artifact. With Mox Opal to provide the mana base he should see more play. Great stuff.
Posted By: feeble2002 (12/18/2010 6:08:55 PM)


If you're doing it right, he should be dropping as a 2/2 for W. Compare with Isamaru, Hound of Konda. This one isn't affected by the legends rule, and is an artifact creature. It evades some black removal, while being prone to artifact removal. But 2/2 for one mana is always good.

Here's the problem: If you're playing artifacts, there's simply more interesting things for you to be doing than dropping a 2/2 guy without any abilities, even if the price you paid is very low.
Posted By: Reversed (8/17/2012 12:15:57 AM)


Really easy to pull off by the combat phase on turn 2. Hey, Ancient Den!
Posted By: Champion_Kitsune (10/25/2009 9:45:55 PM)


In esper this is going to be a 2/2 for 1... thats actually very good... but there are so many other good cards, will you have room for this one?

Posted By: Atrues (4/27/2009 4:45:50 PM)


Great card for the beginning of the game.
Posted By: lestat2150 (4/15/2009 10:55:52 PM)


It's rather unfortunate that this won't be around in Standard when Scars of Mirrodin comes out in the fall. I can only imagine how this would interact with the artifacts in that block.
Posted By: Digit (6/19/2010 8:33:31 AM)


This card is going to wreck people.
Posted By: ZEvilMustache (1/31/2009 8:17:45 AM)


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