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Amazing tech vs Chameleon Colossus...
Posted By: YawgmothsWish (2/13/2012 11:17:28 PM)


What happens if your opponent spaces out and forgets to call? Do you automatically win the flip? Stupid errata, preventing social interactions!

Also... Krark's Thumb + Standardize = Nifty Plague Wind.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (8/7/2012 10:48:06 AM)


Reminds me of Abomination.
Posted By: Zulp (6/22/2010 1:35:41 PM)


Incredibly useless.

First, there's the problem that Orcs have always been a second-rate tribe at best (and are pretty much dead these days), but the sheer absurdity of paying mana and a card slot for something that stands as much of a chance of destroying your own creature as it does buffing it a bit is incredible. In many ways, this card sums up Fallen Empires: heavy on flavor, lousy and overly complex mechanics.
Posted By: Radagast (10/20/2011 6:35:01 PM)


Absolutely repulsive art-draw.
Posted By: Sidek (2/14/2010 1:13:39 PM)


And both are drawn by Mark Tedin. Hmm...
Posted By: TDL (6/22/2011 5:10:21 PM)


Meh. This card is fun and not soooooo bad. In a kitchen-table game. Think about it: Most orcs have a toughness of two. If you have something that boosts toughness of your orcs then they can survive the coin flip. If your army gets through unblocked and you flip some decent coins then this general can tack on quite a bit of extra damage for a few colorless mana.
Posted By: Phelplan (11/21/2013 9:40:37 PM)


Use with Krark's Thumb, Kresh the Bloodbraided and Conspiracy to give big boosts to kresh. Add Mage Slayer for extra damage and Mana Screw to get more colorless mana(if your playgroup approves of silver cards.) Add Bone Splinters and Attrition to support the theme of death.
Posted By: BagOfBags (1/13/2014 1:07:57 PM)


His mom took too much thalidomide when she was pregnant with him.
Posted By: car2n (2/25/2014 6:21:07 AM)


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