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Shock was 'Meh', Lightning Bolt was insane, this Incinerate got it just right.
Posted By: boneclub (9/18/2010 11:09:51 AM)


Well, that's because burn will never get old.
Posted By: Mode (10/30/2009 3:46:51 PM)


Awesome effect, awesome art, and awesome flavor text. Gotta love it,
Posted By: Serev (2/10/2011 10:45:54 PM)


direct damage always work , this one of them
Posted By: vadaaaa (7/8/2010 3:40:42 AM)


This card is still seeing play in competitive decks 14 years after its initial release.
Posted By: TheFrostReaper (5/3/2009 11:38:55 AM)


I think this is just as handy as Lightning Bolt due to the regen-bane. I don't think Lightning Bolt is insane at all, perfectly normal and should have never rotated out of Core in my opinion. It's a staple. The only reason to use Shock is if your Format requires it, or in addition to Bolt. Bolt is one of the original one-mana for 3-of-something effect cards:
Lightning Bolt
Dark Ritual
Healing Salve
Giant Growth
Ancestral Recall

True Ancestral Recall is way more powerful than the other cards, but in the beginning WotC didn't know that.

Incinerate just improves on a good staple, at the cost of 1 colorless. Worth it.
Posted By: jbrsci1 (4/1/2011 8:16:43 AM)


It's back!
Posted By: Shadoflaam (12/14/2011 7:45:53 PM)


This should be the flavor text on every burn spell
Posted By: shotoku64 (1/9/2012 7:29:03 AM)


This is the real Baconator.
Posted By: blindthrall (9/13/2012 5:47:58 PM)


This is good because of the art and because it kills those pesky regenerating creatures. However, to kill indestructible creatures, use disintegrate.
Posted By: Conservator (3/13/2013 7:10:19 PM)