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Protection effects protect from DEBT.
Enchanting and Equipping

Which means you couldn't kill either of them with this. (It's colored so it can't target Emrakul, and it can't target Progenitus because it has protection from everything.)
Posted By: JanusAurelius (5/6/2011 7:24:55 AM)


Make the card "Kick the Ouphe" a reality please wizards!

Lava Burst is worse than Fireball? You need a time out and re read both cards

Fireball's only advantage is the ability to divide the damage to another target for 1 colourless per extra target, in this case you might as well use Comet Storm

This prevents Kor redirect abilities and prevent damage to this creature abilities like Cho-Manno, Revolutionary. I say this is a good alternative to Fireball, not worse or better
Posted By: Paladin85 (9/22/2011 8:06:29 PM)


@lukemol; actually, if a spell has no legal targets when it would resolve, it is countered. Check out the ruling on Multani's Presence if you doubt me!
Posted By: Kryptnyt (12/8/2010 8:29:30 PM)


Pre-Ice Age cards that were affected by the "can't redirect" effect:
Blood of the Martyr
Personal Incarnation
But some more came out later.
Posted By: HuntingDrake (5/23/2012 11:54:26 PM)


FoxdieUK - yes, both Giant Growth and Vines of Vastwood could save your creature. Kira, Great Glass-Spinner would also work, as well as a few more things, I'm sure. Protection can't be targeted, sort of like color-hexproof and prevents Day of Judgement, unless the battlefield affecting spell is stated like this, unpreventable.

DarthParallax: To kill Emrakul, somebody must have Ghostly Flame, for example, in play. If course, one card alone to kill the spaghetti monster is Baleful Strix.
Posted By: MattLynn (5/16/2013 2:27:04 PM)


Hi, New to Magic. Well actually used to play 15 odd years ago and recently got back into it after finding my cards in the loft.
This card is causing some arguments with my friend and me, basically, he's about to do 3 damage to my 1/1 creature. So i play, for example, giant growth on it. My argument is that im neither "preventing", or "re-directing" damage so the card should survive. His argument is that by playing Giant Growth i am playing an effect that is "preventing... damage.. to protect that creature".

Please help, game tonight and things get sour when this card hits the table.

Also, would Vines of Vastwood counter this card?
Posted By: FoxdieUK (2/2/2010 5:02:31 AM)


Foxdie, your friend is wrong. You're still taking the same amount of damage, it is not preventing or redirecting the damage. It's just making your creature stronger so it doesn't die. Preventing would mean you somehow took less or none of the damage, redirecting would mean that you changed the target of the damage. You've done neither there.

Also, yes, Vines of Vastwood would in essence prevent it from happening (though not exactly the same as countering. The spell still resolves, it just does nothing). It sounds like your friend might not entirely understand the rules either. The last thing to be played is the first thing that resolves. So using the Giant Growth scenario, your friend plays Lightning Bolt which would deal 3 damage to your 1/1. You cast Giant Growth in response. The Giant Growth takes effect first, making your creature 4/4. Then his lightning bolt does 3 damage, which is not quite enough to take your guy out.
Posted By: lukemol (2/5/2010 1:31:47 AM)


Actually, Lava Burst cannot touch either Emrakul or Progenitus. Both creatures have protection (from various things), and cannot be targetted by Lava Burst.
Posted By: Arglypuff (6/28/2010 1:53:26 AM)


Better than Blaze.
Posted By: Serev (2/10/2011 11:24:31 PM)


Lava Burst also gets around Circle of Protection: Red, which was a huge problem for red mages even back then.
Posted By: crimson_sunrise (7/16/2012 1:31:25 AM)


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