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I would so much like they reprinted those dual lands... it would make the value of the originals drop and could be affordable for people who have less money and want to play with them. Obviously there are different views about those lands, but I think that it's quite fun to have access to more flexibility with your mana than only what basic lands can offer. I'm used to play with those and they are not so broken. I've played with those from about one year after Revised until now and they always have been strong, but not broken. :)
Posted By: Olliemancer (1/23/2010 9:06:28 AM)


Seriously! I used those rulebooks all the time! Even after they stopped making them. I always had to make extra sure to hold on to them then. 'course by now I've lost them all... ah... se la vi... (yeah, my french sucks...)
Posted By: Schlorgadorb (10/30/2009 1:35:59 AM)


I also miss dual lands. Thankfully, I own a lot of them. Until recently, most of the dual land substitutes were just way too inferior (pain lands, depletion lands, etc.).
Posted By: kowrip (11/5/2009 11:32:52 AM)


Savannah is my favourite dual land.
Taiga is and Underground Sea are two other favourites, very beautiful as well (and very very very useful as well).
Nothing beats the originals when it comes to lands.
Posted By: Nuclear_Pony (4/24/2010 11:31:37 AM)


Yeah, I'm also a little confused about savannahs counting as both a forest and a plains. I thought that savannahs were the perfect example of plains? At least you don't see many trees in the background when you watch documentaries about the African wildlife on National Geographic Channel.
Posted By: Tiggurix (6/24/2010 2:42:57 PM)


Also see Tropical Island, Scrubland, Plateau, Bayou, Taiga, Volcanic Island, Tundra, Underground Sea, and Badlands.
Posted By: Duskdale_Wurm (6/29/2010 1:20:06 AM)


How is this a forest? Is there even ONE tree in that picture that is obviously just a PLAINS with a pretty name?

Aside from that, good card. I'd still prefer Temple Garden over this though, for aesthetic reasons.
Posted By: Kelrath (5/12/2010 12:24:01 PM)


"Forest Plains" is actually a very succinct way of describing a Savannah. That's what they are: grasslands with sparse clumps of trees. Sometimes there's a lot of forest, sometimes very little (as in this picture, far off in the distance). I think the art direction could have made the {G} element more apparent (more along the lines of Grasslands), but perhaps that's just being nitpicky, especially since Magic was in its infancy back then.
Posted By: nemokara (3/6/2012 11:15:33 AM)


I miss REAL Dual Lands. And the joy I used to get back in 1994 when I'd open a Revised Starter Deck, get a neat little Rule Book, and sometimes a REAL Dual Land. Ahhh good times. I miss those little books too.
Posted By: SlackWareWolf (6/27/2009 8:36:41 PM)


WHY IS THIS CARD RATED HIGHER THAT BLACK LOTUS! it almost makes me want to rate it .5 just to watch it drop!
Posted By: bijart_dauth (3/30/2010 4:53:58 PM)


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