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I always knew the Easter Bunny was up to no good!
Posted By: Pontiac (3/21/2011 12:35:23 PM)


This is one of my favourite cards.

Surely one of the best artworks in Magic.
The Praetor is deciding whether the blue creature in the middle (a merfolk?) has to go to Heaven (you can see the way to Heaven above the city in the background, which represents the earthly world) or to Hell (the way to Hell is the chasm with fire and lava beneath the city). The two other creatures are an agent from Heaven and an agent from Hell, which are contending with each other for the merfolk (or whatever it is).
They no more make artworks like on Magic cards, to my sorrow...

Concerning the playability of the card, for modern standard is of course bad, but in 1994 a 5/5 trampler and first-striker was worth 6 mana and an expensive upkeep; moreover in a set like Fallen Empires, with a Thrull sacrificing theme, this card fits perfectly also from a flavorful perspective.
Posted By: Paolino (11/12/2011 8:48:54 AM)


Toss in a Leech Bonder and start moving those counters onto your opponent's stuff
Posted By: cplmontana (12/6/2010 8:29:12 AM)


So many counters to keep track of.
Posted By: FouCapitan (8/16/2010 9:16:05 AM)


This is one of my favorite Magic artworks ever!!!

It's too bad there doesn't seem to be a wallpaper-sized version on the web.

Also, the name just dissolves on your tongue. Speak after me: Ebonnnnn Praeeeetor!!
Posted By: Lord_of_Tresserhorn (12/6/2011 4:57:31 PM)


Praetor tribal!
Posted By: LordRandomness (12/18/2011 9:43:00 PM)


Not that bad, and pretty solid for its time. And the artwork is just wonderfully strange!
Posted By: Radagast (11/5/2011 9:49:16 AM)


@Pontiac: "Damn long ears tryna steal Jesus' holiday..." If you can get thosw -2/-2 counters off...3.5/5
Posted By: Psychrates (1/10/2012 8:11:49 AM)


My brother runs a savage green/black thrull/thallid deck, and this (with Lord of the Pit) is the finisher.
Breeding pit makes him get bigger every turn, and the first strike/trample combination helps him deal with the "low" 5 toughness.

Looks epic too, perfect fallen empires flavour.

I love it.

Posted By: Sharu (3/22/2012 11:50:57 PM)


Quite possibly one of the most bizarre pieces of artwork in the game's history. Probably worked fairly decently back in the day, but you can find much better, now.
Posted By: Lord_Ascapelion (11/17/2012 9:13:49 PM)