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personally, I think this card is somewhat underrated. If it wasn't for the Exalted, I would say he's quite bad. Here, the Exalted works very well, just like it works well for Noble Hierarch. If you have no use for his ability, you have at least 1/2 to attack with. If you attack with something else, you still get the Exalted bonus from him while leaving him open to loot, block, or both. I wouldn't say it's a totally fair trade to have to pay U to loot, but it's definitely not bad enough to get a 1.8 rating. - 2.5/5
Posted By: Mickacabra (3/9/2012 8:58:18 AM)


With his oddball 0/1 stats and the blue mana tacked on to the activation of his draw ability, I suspect this card proved to be too good in development. Have they nerfed it too far? Is this better than
Dawnray Archer? People played that card, right?
Posted By: ZEvilMustache (2/10/2009 8:06:23 PM)


Why is it that all of the mono-blue Exalted creatures (Dawnray Archer, Outrider of Jhess, this) suck?
Posted By: Axelle (7/18/2012 10:47:52 PM)


poor nerved wizard, not much left of it to make use of.
it's a pity when Wizards nerfs cards during development and forgets about improving other values (in this case the mana cost) of them afterwards to prevent them from getting rather unplayable.
Posted By: Mode (11/26/2009 7:42:58 AM)


Would use it if I didn't have to pay U to activate the ability. Could have made a nice team with my Merfolk Looter and Reckless Scholar...
Posted By: Stray_Dog (2/28/2010 12:16:36 AM)


Merfolk Looters?
Posted By: superstalker75 (9/6/2009 7:28:58 AM)


I'm not surprised this card is rated so low. It's not splashy, it's not 2 CMC or a 1/1 or free to tap like the namesake Merfolk Looter, But it is not a bad card, and is the type of average cards I would like to see more players run. I was considering adding another exalted creature to my Rafiq of the Many deck, and I don't mind adding one that draws, even if it has the activated cost. At 3 mana it is still recurable by Sun Titan, it still pumps Rafiq, and it can fuel the graveyard full of enchantments for Replenish or Bruna, Light of Alabaster. And would you really not play this in Limited if it were a late pick or part of your Sealed pool?

As I said, no Constructed all-star, but it's an average card and deserves an average rating.
Posted By: sarroth (5/29/2013 8:30:23 PM)


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